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Monday, January 10, 2011

fill complete but able to eat

I'm posting fr my ph at work and need some advice.  im at 2.7 cc now up from 2.2 cc.  did the water test with my amazing doctor and I thought this amount seemed right.  I've had water, tomato soup, a protien shake and a cup of greek yogurt already in the 4 hours since my fill.  And I feel hungr perhaps this is too conservative ?


  1. You may be different than me but I don't feel my fills full effect for about a week. I went from 2. 3 (4 cc band) to 2.8 and after 2 weeks I couldnt get water down! I went for an unfil and I am currently at 2.7 which still seems a bit tight some days but it swings the other way too. I am not comfortable getting any more for a while.

    Take it slow and wait it out for at least a week or so before you go for more. Good luck!

  2. Mine always has a delay too, about a week. I am at 9.4 in an 11 cc realize band.

  3. Thank you guys so much 4 the quick feedback. I am worried I didn't fill enough but I am taking your sage advice. I am headed home now and am very hungry. I am going to stick with soup anyway! I am also a 4cc band also. Maybe this is my lucky number too!


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