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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 4 and going strong!

I worked out again yesterday for 45 mins and my 'coached' walk to run Nikeplus.com program only called for 15 mins.  I'm feeling so good about it physically and I'm proud of myself. My dear husband does a good job of keeping my 4 yr old out of the room so I can get it done without constant interruption, questions, and/or a kid trying to throw various items (stuffed animals, pennies, rubber duckies) on the moving treadmill deck and watch them whip off the back end (ask me how I know).

I signed up for a 10K!  Its a good ways off - and so I've got plenty of time to work my way up to running an entire 6miles without walking.  One of my dreams is to buy myself a pair of nike running shorts like these:

And I also want to look like Nicole at BetterBanded does in hers!  She had a pic of herself in her blog header and she looks like I want to look someday in those running shorts!  Seriously, I saw her white nike shorts and said - that's exactly as cute as I want to look!

I'm definitely feeling hungry - and want to eat more than I'm allowing myself.  I haven't gone over on my calorie limit I've set for myself at 1150 and since I'm burning 200-300 cals walking I should be on target for this Friday's weigh in.  My goal is to lose 2 lbs and be at 208.  I'm really looking forward to my fill appt next Monday.  I'm looking forward to not feeling hungry~


  1. I hear you on those shorts!! She looks amazing in them and it's a great goal. I'm doing a half marathon in February - these shorts are an awesome inspiration!! Love that you're doing so well. It's inspiring. I'm still on vacation for a week, but once I get back home I'm up in the mornings before work to train train train.

  2. I am so proud of you! You are doing great kiddo...keep it up and you'll get these damn lbs off in no time! I am sure you will see a big dif with the fill!

  3. Awesome job on the exercise!! Keep it up! Notice how much better you feel? I know what you mean about the shorts. I can only dream about wearing something like that!

  4. P.S. your blog looks great! Love the new design!

  5. I am so flattered :) You are rockin it! Keep up the GREAT work! Those goal shorts will be yours!, in no time!

  6. 45 minute work out? Holy cow - you are going to be super-fit-woman (run that all together like batgirl lol .. you get the drift...

    I went over and checked out the shorts Nicole had on and WOWZA - she looks amazing. Be you look just as hot in the pink ones. They are pretty damn cute!


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