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Sunday, January 2, 2011

On track!

I'm on track!  I've successfully logged my food intake all week and I'm on my 3rd consecutive day of running my walk to run coach program on Nike+plus.  I had misplaced but finally found the transmitter that attaches to my shoe yesterday so now my runs are counting on the website! Woot!  I really love the Nike+plus site and how it tracks my runs and motivates me.  Its probably because I'm an excel freak and the Nike+plus site graphs everything out so beautifully.

This is what it looks like:

  No, I didn't run for an hour - but this is what it looks like when you synch your ipod with the site.

I'm working on organization, so I'm cleaning up and simplifying my blog a little bit.  You may see it change a few times until I'm happy with it.  I love the headers many of you have with custom pictures so I created one myself.  

I've really enjoyed this past week off, I've done nothing at all, and its been glorious.  We've played games, cooked, read books, played around with my blog.  Its been nice to be lazy and not work on projects around the house.  I feel energized to keep working out, to de-clutter, and did I tell you hubby and I are embarking on a month of no spending?  

As part of de-cluttering, I want to challenge myself to use up stuff in my pantry and my fridge.  We have so many fun Xmas gifts like the Kinect - and we want to USE them instead of going out and spending money.  We have everything we need here - and we need to use up what we have already!  Its going to require me to get creative in the kitchen but I think it will be a lot of fun.  Right now, I've got some Carolina BBQ cooking in the crockpot.  A pork shoulder I already had in the freezer and seasonings I already had on hand.  What we don't use, I'll freeze and it will be an awesome meal later in the month.

My plan next week is to change up my resume to a functional format so I can apply for some project management jobs.  There is one out there right now but it requires 40% travel and I'm just not willing to do that.  My job will be ending (layoff) in May so I either need to find a job that allows me to work remotely or I'll have to take severance.  This is going to be a big change in my life this first part of 2011. My path with change dramatically as this part of my life unfolds.

My plan next week also includes protein shakes every morning and getting up 1 hour early and walking on the treadmill first thing in the a.m.  If I don't do that, I fear it won't happen when I get home from work.  I'll let you know how that turns out - regardless of the time of day- I'm GOING TO MAKE EXERCISE happen!  I even signed up for a 10K yesterday!  Its quite a few months away - but its giving me something to work toward!


  1. Sounds like a great plan. I need to get moving more too - we got some cool Wii games for Christmas that I'm hoping get everyone up and moving.
    I have to change my resume to a functional format too - I'm back to job hunting in my field after 5 years away and my current job doesn't work. Good luck with that - I keep putting it off.

  2. You sound great! Love your profile pic. So pretty!

  3. Yay you! You're getting a great start in this New Year.

  4. Love your profile pic, you are ADORABLE!

  5. Thanks guys for the comment of the profile pic! I've been hesitant for so long to post pics of myself but its what I enjoy so much on your blogs so I decided I needed to. Thanks again for the kind comments! :)


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