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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Such great advice - thank you!

You all have given me both a lot to think about and quite a bit of great advice.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate and have learned from everyone's feedback on my last post.  I have to say that I've recognized that I really was using my band to try to stop me from eating.  I was also eating when I wasn't hungry.  I was eating b/c I wanted to eat not because I needed to eat.
I'm still able to eat as much as I want - but I need to pay attention to when I'm actually full.  I go too fast and I'm not pausing and listening.  I've gotten much better based on all the GREAT GREAT feedback.  Every single comment from each person really make me think - I honestly believe I've had a misunderstanding about how I'm supposed to feel all this time.  I really expected it to limit me - not limit myself - if that makes any sense.  And the funny thing is, the reason I held off getting fills for so long is because I was afraid of the band limiting me from eating what I wanted at the time.  I really thought that certain foods were something I'd have to give up forever. 

I need to continue to work out just how much I'm able to eat vs. how much I should be eating.  I'm sticking very closely to 1100 calories daily without much trouble, able to eat anything (yep pizza et all!), and as I'm realizing - this is the place I'm supposed to be in.  I need to reel in the portion control and I've been successful at that the last few days.

The scale is stuck at 207.5 as of this morning - I'm hoping to see a drop on my weekly weigh in on Friday.  I have a cold that's making me a bit fatigued - but I'll be over it soon enough!

I need to catch up on my runs - I've skipped a few the last couple of days and went to bed early.  I'll be back on track tomorrow!

Thank you again everyone - I've learned so very much from you!!!  

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  1. You're awesome, and this is hard! I'm glad you feel like you're figuring things out for you. I'm really beginning to believe that there's no one true path with this band thing :)


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