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Friday, January 7, 2011

Its Fri and my weigh in day....

Last Friday I was 211.3 and 210.0 on my 2 scales.  My goal was to be at 208 - and I'm at exactly 208.0 (From 211.3 to 208.7 on the higher scale).  While it feels great to move that scale, losing just 2 pounds was really, I mean really, HARD!  I worked out diligently and really had a lot of hunger trying to stay within my 1100-1200 calorie range.  I'm think of all of you who have lost 50, 80, 100 lbs and more.  I am just overwhelmed at how hard it was for all of you.  Seriously!  I am just thinking of all of you and how amazing an accomplishment it is for everyone.

At the bottom of this 48lb hill I'm sitting at the bottom of, looking up at, I have to tell you its looking quite daunting to me.  I'm going to try to stop thinking about it as a long term uphill battle and only think about next week.  I know my fill Monday will help me with the hunger I'm feeling.  I'm only going to ask for a small fill since I have a 4cc band, unlike many of you who have a 10cc.  I'm at 2.4 and I think I want to go to 2.8 or something like that.  Just enough to hopefully get rid of the hunger but not so much that I'm back to that desperate feeling that I can't eat anything and I feel like I'm imprisoned and then make bad slider choices.

I also know reading other blogs that this should feel a little more effortless, right?  That's right isn't it?  LOL  Hey well, at least its FRIDAY!  I hope all of you have a great weekend - I know I'm going to keep it going and look forward to next FRI showing 206 on the scale for me!  


  1. Hey nice job on the weight loss!!!! I think 2 pounds is GREAT! Seriously, after the first few months after surgery, a 2 pound loss is excellent.

    It should be more effortless for sure. The restriction will help totally with hunger.

    I hate the imprisoned feeling....experiencing right now as you know. Thanks for your supportive comments and advice.

  2. great loss but yes..the band should help a lot more it sounds like.



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