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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I hope this is it

Again, all you smart, experienced women were RIGHT!  After  I literally could eat ANYTHING including soft pretzels after the unfill on Thursday I felt some restriction yesterday.  I am still worried that I took too much out or perhaps the Dr misunderstood me and took out more than I asked b/c I could literally eat anything.  But yesterday, I was tight all day - I had coffee for bfast, V8 for snack, and when I tried to eat some Lentil soup for lunch I just couldn't eat much.  I was on the verge of the foamies - you know what I mean?  When you feel like you have foam in your throat?  Anyway - I went out with the girls last night and was a little worried I would have trouble eating,  I ordered the tuna sashimi and a Champagne Lemon Drop Martini.  The sashimi was slow going but after a while I was able to eat.  It was SO good!  And a clean, healthy protein.  I could feel it move pretty quickly through my band.  I didn't overdo it - I had one battered Shrimp, a little bit of cheese off a margarita pizza, and a few bites of a quesadilla.  I could have eaten more but I stopped.

So, I have no idea if I'm really restricted or not.  I couldn't really eat much during the day yesterday but last night I could have eaten almost anything I wanted.  I'm taking all of your advice and just waiting it out....

Oh - and I got on the scale, I'm 207.8 so I gained back the water from being a little dehydrated.  I'm disappointed for not being at 206 - I swear - with the small amount I actually ate last week, you'd think I would have made it!  

I'll be working out today and tomorrow b/c I missed Thu and Fri.  I'm up to 3 mins running and I'm feeling good about it.  

DH and I have the night free tonight!  We're going on a date (kids are spending the night at their Aunt's) so that will be fun!  No spending in January means we're using one of the many gift cards we need to use up!  I have so many of them - its crazy - so we're focused on using what we ALREADY HAVE! :)  Its going really well so far.

In the spirit of no spending in January, I found a way around using our $$ and instead used a Gift Card.  Yesterday, I had a promotional gift card to Williams Sonoma (you got so much credit in $ for increments spent before Christmas and I buy a lot of gifts there!) so I bought this:

It was rated as one of the top 10 gadgets last year and my kids LOVE Popsicles!  So this allows you to make them yourself and even make healthier versions with real fruit, yogurt and not so much sugar.   It has gotten a lot of really good reviews - but I'll let you know if it really works when we try it out with the kids. 

I can't wait to catch up on your blogs out there!  


  1. We have something similar and my kids love it! Trader Joe's also makes some great real fruit ice pops with no added sugar that I used during my pre and post op.
    Date night sounds great - enjoy!

  2. Sorry I missed all the drama -- glad you're feeling better now...

  3. I hope your little unfill does the trick. We were just talking about where to eat when I read your comments. Thank you! We will check them out and see if we can get a table for lunch of dinner at one or the other.


  4. hey...i'm replying to your reply about the sweet potato things. I ALSO hate sweet potato! Hate it! Won't even eat it when it's tempura battered at a Japanese restaurant! I made them for my kids, but they totally don't taste like sweet potato! Try it with the sweet potato..just try! They're better for you! BUT...if they're awesome with potato...let me know! Ooooh...suddenly I wonder if I could do the same thing with mashed cauliflour...


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