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Saturday, October 31, 2009


O....M.....G.  I had a Halloween party at my house last night and we had an absolute BLAST!  Blowing off steam from a stressful workweek was just what I needed.  My house was just full of candles, pumpkins, black lights, scary masks, and witch hats!  The food was awesome - pounds of shrimp, hot wings, pasta salad, chips, dips, even chocolate spiders.  I made orange Monster martinis with candy bone finger stirrers - so cute! And everyone wore the coolest costumes.  We had a big wonderful fire in the fireplace on the deck and temps outside were perfect.   We played all kinds of music - all with "death" in the titles - remember OingoBoingo's song "Dead man's Party?"  It was fun........BUT.......oh the price of fun sometimes includes a hangover.  And fyi everyone:  the hangover is worse with a band - does everyone else already know this and forgot to tell me? 
Thank goodness I didn't *really* feel like I wanted to throw up because that would have been tortuous.  Seriously.  So soon to be bandsters - why is the hangover worse with a band - its probably not why you think.  The reason is that when you do not have restriction and you can eat WHILE you're drinking - you're better able to take it slow and pace yourself.  The food absorbs the alcohol effects.  You know how much you can drink and how much is too much - BUT - you know that amount based on drinking while EATing.  If you can't eat much - I only had like 2 shrimp and one hotwing - suddenly the VERY SAME amount you're used to drinking and being just a little *~happy~* turns into TOO MUCH.  Capice?  I woke up with a raging headache and since I'm very tight/restricted in the morning it was difficult to swallow 3 advil and attempt to rehydrate myself.  And it was difficult to eat something which always makes my personal hangovers better.  As soon as the Advil kicked in and I took a shower, I felt better. 
But wow - note to self:
1.  drink less than I used to be able to 
2.  drink lots of water before going to bed 
3.  take 3 advil before going to bed.
As soon as I get the pictures from my friend, I'll share them........oh what a night!
And one last thing - yesterday I was 210.5, and this morning I was 209.5!  That made my hungover face smile!


  1. Sounds like a blast! and I can totally feel how you felt this morning...see my blog post from last weekend....same thing! Can't wait to see the photos...what did you dress as?

  2. Ohhh yeah! I did this myself a few times: I guess we just forget we don't have the normal amount of food to absorb the alcohol. It's almost like a rite of passage we all go through to make us go.. well duh. We can't drink like we used to lol.
    Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you had a great time.. looking forward to the pics!!

  3. Hey Roo! Read your blog post! Love it and you can completely relate!! I dressed up as a pale masqurade-type gothic person - nothing clever, unfortunately. Cara - so right - it really was a duh moment! And, you know the best part is, that I would normally eat a lot around the holidays and I'd always see the scale go up. Its amazing to continue to watch that scale go down.....awesome.


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