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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting ready for a birthday!

I  decided to call and move my fill to Monday.  I feel better about that and this way I won't be testing my new band out of town and in front of my mom.  Mr. Coconuts thought it was a good idea too and I think its the right thing to do for me. 

My little Busy Bee is turning 3 in two weeks and so I wanted to share the invitations I made for her birthday party.  You guys already know I work in a male dominated technical field but I have an "inner Martha"  that I must answer to in order to feel balanced and happy.  I've not had much time to make/craft/knit/paint anything so this was a wonderfully creative outlet for me that quelled my stress level a little.  I use 2 simple invitation cardstock from Michael's craft store, bought a simple paper punch from the martha stewart line - it has two cute little seahorses on it and punched one of the cardstock and glue-dotted them together so the blue would show through the punched out seahorse.  I hand wrote the text and then just added some simple scrap book stickers to the bottom.  EASY PEASY - you could customize anything to fit any theme at all.  I don't scrap book - but they sure do have some cool stickers!! 

Anyway, its going to be a Mermaid theme and I went to the fabric store and bought tulle to make all the little girls who come over little blue and green tutus.  I also add a fabric mermaid tail on the back!  I'll be making cupcakes with little open clamshells on top (out of 2 madeline cookies) - complete with a petit pearl inside! Everything I want to do in Aqua and sea green.  I do LOVE planning parties, baby showers, and bridal showers.  It is so much fun!  I'll share the pics of the other stuff I make.  I've got to get busy!


  1. Sooooo cool! I am a paper lover (especially invites) and used to do this kind of thing all the time....but no longer have the bandwidth to get projects like this done anymore. Can't wait to see the cupcakes!

    Good idea on the fill, for sure!!!

  2. Adorable invitations. You're going to have to post pictures of the party too. When I've made tutus I went to the dollar store and bought those elastic headbands (they are kind of like really big pony tail holders) in packs of 3 or 4. They have some that are flat (as opposed to round)and they work great for tutu waistbands. You can get colors to match the tutu, so you don't have to even finish with a ribbon or tulle around the waist.

  3. Wow.. your inner Martha is coming out in droves - love these.. your little girl will have a kick-butt party.

  4. Thanks Dash - I'm a paper and good pen lover too. I get ribbed a lot for my particular-ness over a good pen to write with. Hey, whatever, its the small things that make me happy! :)
    Robyn - great idea on the tutus - I never would have thought of that.
    Dash - can't wait to share the pics - thanks!

  5. so cute and I love mermaid things! ;-)

  6. Those are soooo cute!
    I am not creative AT ALL! I try stuff all the time but it ends up in the back of my closet...
    I am with you on the pen thing. I will only use precise v5 extra fine black pens. I will dig for one in my purse for 10 minutes before using a regular pen! lol


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