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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Upped the calories, 209.5 today!

The band is allowing me to eat a little more, which I'm pleased about, but not too much, which I'm also pleased about!  I needed to increase my calories and I've done so.  This morning when I hopped on the scale (after pee-ing away any water that would affect the scale of course!) it said 209.5!  I know its a fleeting moment - so we'll see what it says tomorrow - but how cool to see it in a new range, even if was only momentary! LOL.  I was glad to see the scale move a little bit.  My energy is up b/c those horsepill antibiotics have kicked my chest/head cold and b/c I'm eating more.  I can't wait to be in the 200-209 range for real!
Today was one of the most stressful days I've had work-wise in at least a few years.  I had to present on a conference call some data that was a pure and direct reflection on me to some very big players in the new company I'm now part of after the merger.  Some of them were domineering jerks, unfortunately, but since they couldn't dig much, the call overall went very well.  The worst part was worrying my systems would fail or that I would sound like a complete idiot.  I didn't but they continue to send people out to my office/center to investigate (read : dig until they find something) and that's just not a fun place to be.  Especially because, when you have a couple hundred people working for you indirectly through supervisors that DO work for you, you're relying on the leadership and skill of the sups to ensure that the entire group does not make gross errors or just perform to a lower standard when they're working with our customers.  One gross error or one human screw up or one person who honestly doesn't care and shouldn't be there anyway -  is what my entire team could be judged by.  Silly and unrealistic pressure, isn't it?  In any work team that big, there is going to be someone doesn't care or just screws up sometimes.  And with 18 supervisors - not every single one is going to be doing all they should be either.  Most of them are awesome but I do have two low performers who are just not the best sups and while what they don't do - isn't enough to justify a termination or move - they just do the bare minimum which is the perfect set up for a problem.  I guess, I'm rambling here b/c I feel frustrated over the unrealistic scrutiny and know that its impossible for us not to make a mistake.  I just dread the unrealistic expectation and find it frustrating that I no longer work for a company that is as supportive as I'm used to and is so much more cut throat.  Its just too bad, you know?  I'm also frustrated b/c while I've worked myself for some awesome leaders, the person I'm working for now is just NOT awesome.  In any way.  In fact, he's a narcissistic jerk.  It amazes me that people like that actually choose that for themselves.  I just don't get what they get out of it.  I was hoping working for him would be a temporary thing, but its going to be a little longer.  Its ok, I do a great job and so he has trouble finding issue with me personally.  Its just so...unnecessary.  I hate to see how he belittles other people and causes me stress b/c he won't help me out when I need it.  At least I have enough experience to know he's the minority and that karma is real.
Wow, sorry to bum you all out!  Not my intent, but at least I feel better! LOL.  I'm just glad that I can buffer him from the people that work for me - and they know how much of a jerk he is - so that not all of us have to be exposed to that ugliness.  I tell them that's what I get paid for and that they need to take notes so they don't make their employees feel the way he makes us feel.  Learn what NOT to do.
Ok, next subject!  I'm really happy with where my band is now.  I'm happy that its opened up a little bit to allow me to eat more - because I needed that.  But it still stops me from eating too much at this point.  And I'm not hungry much.  That, to me, is perfection!
I'm doing great with overall calories, protien, water, and vitamins.  Goal is to get better with the green veggies, antioxidants, omega-3's, and exercise.  Have you heard of chewable omega-3 supplements?  I got a coupon from costco and they advertised them.  Anyone ever tried these?  see below:

I was at Cheesecake Factory yesterday and had an AWESOME lunch!  I ordered the ahi tuna tartare and it was really amazing.  The tuna was a perfect solution to protien, it was cut up into small cubes and molded on top of diced avocado.  A little wasabi and soy sauce on top and it was just fantastic!  I highly recommend!  Good taste, high clean protein, healthy fat in the avocado.  It was perfection. :)  I need to remember to eat sashimi more often for the protien power.  While this isn't the best pic, it looked much better in person:


  1. Yum! That looks so good! Congrats on the 209! We are in the same neighborhood now. Except I am on the verge of losing it thanks to zero restriction....next week another fill, hope it works as well as yours!

  2. How great you are now hovering around the 209. It always amazes me how we can jump up and down a few hundred grams and never seem to stay put: can fairly do our heads in!
    Sorry you're coping with stress at work. Why do some people have to make life difficult? You would think they would realise being a better person makes things actually happen but I also guess these people are short sited and looking after number 1. Hope it gets better for you!

  3. lolol Oops can you tell I just woke up.. I meant short SIGHTED.

  4. I agree Cara - both with the weight thing jumping around all the time and the fact that good people produce more and more easily than the #$%@head I'm working for. It will get better - everything is always temporary if you wait long enough! LOL. :)
    Gen - I'm sorry you have such little restriction. the fact you can get where you are without any restriction is a testament to you and sheer hard'er' work! I hope you get that resctriction soon!

  5. Those are the vitamins I take as well as my 2 1/2 year old. I take 2 a day and they taste good.
    Good job on the weight loss


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