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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got my 2nd fill yesterday

Yesterday I went and got my 2nd fill.  She put in .4 ccs bringing me to a total of 2.2cc in a 4cc band.  I ate soup for lunch and soup for dinner yesterday.  Scale says 217 this morning. 
My experience afterwards, eating the soup, was very different than before.  My stomach actually hurt - had sharp pains - while my stomach was trying to digest the food.  I also noticed a lot more burping and gas pains than I've ever felt.  Is that normal?  Is this a side effect to having a tighter band?  I hope this is perfect for what I need to eat only a cup of food at a time.  I know that I need to eat less if I want to lose more.  And before I could pretty much eat as much as I wanted it just took me longer.
I think that is a key component that I'm missing.  On the weekends I am grazing and the band does not stop you from grazing.  The band did slow me down - way down- and I was eating less.  But there were times it seemed my band was wide open.  That is what I wanted to stop b/c I knew it was where I was consuming excess calories.  I am eating a Chobani greek yogurt, I've eaten about half of the 1 cup container, and I feel the food not exactly going down quickly.  I am burping a lot. I feel full but my stomach is churning and is creating the burping.  At least I don't feel pain in my stomach like I did yesterday.  There is no way I could eat anything solid right now and I know it.  There is no way I'm going to finish this yogurt either.  I think this is just part of the swelling expected right after a fill and I expect that it won't always be this way.  I'm focused on protein b/c I was so tired yesterday and I went to bed early b/c I had no energy.  This yogurt has 14g total protien, so I probably got about 7g.  I'm planning on an Atkins shake for lunch b/c I need to finish those up before I buy more of the ones I prefer (Premier Protien) from Costco.
I need to get to the gym today but with the big project date looming this coming Sunday and BusyBee's birthday Saturday - I'm using my lunch hour to finish the birthday activity I have planned.  And I was so busy yesterday, I didn't even take a lunch so I'm a day behind.  Anyway - I'll make this work and I can't wait for her party Saturday.
I can't wait to start losing weight!  I feel like it was the right thing to do and I DO have restriction like I've never had before.  Does my restriction sound right to you guys?  Is this what its supposed to feel like?


  1. I think you are on the right track. I have never had the burping or gas with soft creamy things like soup or yogurt, but I get the burps when something is kinda sitting in my funnel...for example, I just ate 2 bites of a wrap and had to stop bc it was going to cause a log jam and eventually a PB. So for the last 15 minutes I have been burping. The burping is a good sign for me that I am NOT stuck, bc when I cant burp...I know whatever I just put is probably really clogging the funnel...and my slobber will start to back up. Too much info?

  2. I don't know...I don't have real restriction yet, after just one fill. I actually felt no difference right after the fill, but a week later it seemed to kick in some. Sounds like you are getting there!

  3. I felt a difference after my second fill for sure! The slobber Amy speaks of is not fun!! ;-)

  4. Amy, Gen, and Gizmo - thank you!! And Amy its never too much information! I appreciate it (along with everyone else who reads your blog) that's what we love about you! That's why everyone learns so much from you. thank you! I'll remember that so when it does happen to me I'll stop before I get stuck!!
    Gen - I'm sorry you're not feeling the restriction yet - but clearly you're working hard without it and doing an amazing job losing weight!
    Gizmo - glad to hear from you that you definitely found a difference after the 2nd fill. I ate some risotto with aparagus from Trader Joe's for dinner and while at first I had a hard time, I soon was able to eat about a cup full. I'm feeling very back to normal rather quickly, I think. Not sure how much I like that......I don't want to feel like I did before! :) Time will tell, I guess.


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