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Thursday, October 22, 2009

211 today, can you believe it?

I sure can't.  I've not been eating much this week, this a much different experience this time with this much of a fill.  I know part of that has to be water weight b/c I was 213 yesterday.  How cool would it be for me to actually make my mini goal of 210 by 10/23?  I honestly know in my heart that won't happen tomorrow but I'm sure going to be close enough!
This fill really has been such a completely different experience.  I can't believe that I don't even get hungry during the day.  I could wait until 2 or 3pm to eat if I wanted to.  I have actually had to do that this week which is why I know I can last that long.  I'm not doing well with water intake so I've been focusing on that.  I've also been battling a strange cold that started in my throat and chest and after about 2.5 weeks has now gone into my head/sinus'.  I started taking antibiotic HORSE PILLS and had to break them in half.  UGH.  They were so hard to get down.  I'm able to eat a little more - volume-wise -  for dinner.  I'm learning the slower I eat, the more I'm able to get down with time.  Meaning, I can eat more and more - bigger bites - the longer I sit and/or graze.  I don't want to do that too much b/c then I'll overeat.  But I must say, I stay full after I eat just about a half cup to a cup of food.  And I stay very full much longer - like for 4-5 hours.  A couple of times,  I've even had to eat soup b/c I knew that was all I was going to be able to get down.  I've been doing well with getting the protien first and I've been doing protein shakes for breakfast along with a vitamin.  My only concern really is getting the water down and ensuring I'm getting vegetables down.  With this restriction fresh vegetables can be very hard to eat.   I don't even want to eat an apple b/c for as much as it would fill me up, I don't want to fill up with a fruit instead of a protien.
So is this what restriction really feels like?  Its so different than before and so, well, obvious!  I understand so much better now what everyone talks about when they are full and stay full for a long time.  Its wonderful, its awesome and to think I basically went 6 mos without this!
I do have to tell you that today I put on a pair of sz 18 Liz Claiborne dress pants that I'd had in my closet b/c while I could button them, they were too tight in the stomach and butt to wear in public.  Today - voila!   They fit perfectly and loosely!  So I'm losing in my stomach and my butt first....PERFECT!  No complaints here! 
My husband told me last night we were invited to a Christmas party with the car owners he's working with as part of his redneck hobby.  (Please excuse any offense but I have to say everyone would agree that racing go carts is redneck, right?  And he's proud of it! *sigh*)  Anyway, I would love to meet one of my goals by Christmas of looking somewhat decent in a new dress for this Christmas party!  I know I can do it.  I just wonder what weight I'd feel like I look pretty great?  Hmmmm.  I'm thinking that at 180, I'd look pretty darn awesome - but losing 30lbs by Christmas I think is a stretch and might be unhealthy.  Its ok.  I'd be happy at 190! :)


  1. it sounds like you are at a great place!
    i know before my unfill (or before i started getting so tight as to need an unfill) i was losing steady, not feeling hungry and was able to eat, but not over indluge.

    congrats on the loss and with fitting into the pants!!
    30 in 3 months isn't impossible, and is actually not too fast...it may take lots of work though!
    I wish you luck!!

  2. I believe it! Your band is working, thats awesome!

    You gave me a new thing to fantasize about...what size and what to wear for Xmas parties!

  3. Congrats on the loss, it sounds like your band is doing exactly what it should!

  4. I'm so happy for you - it sounds like you're doing really great! Congrats on the NSV with your pants.

  5. Ahhh, so glad you are feeling less hunger - doesn't that totally rock!
    Great NSV too with the pants. Love those moments.

  6. Thanks Girls!!! You all make me feel great! It really is *sweet* to come back to your blog and find great comments. Thank you guys - you really are motivating me along! It really does make a difference. ((hugs)) to all of you!


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