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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still 211.5, stressful work week

I'm still eating very little but I believe my weight is stalled by the lack of calories.  Today is the first day that I was able to eat a real lunch - meaning whole food.  I ate two panko breaded fish pieces and some green beans.  I didn't make time to eat my protien shake for breakfast, and just now I've had some chicken and rice soup for dinner.  Its good that I'm able to eat more and I plan to continue to ensure I'm getting a nutritious 1200 calories in. 
I'm still at 211.5 and I know its because of the lack of calories.  I'm hoping eating more will help kick start some progress.
I'm also planning for a big Halloween dinner party at my house this Friday.  I've been so busy at work I've not had any time to plan food.  UGH.  I hate rushing - I like to enjoy the process.  Worst case, I'll order food from somewhere.  I'll post pics of it this weekend.  :)
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Isn't that funny, you need to eat more to lose more? I know in the past I've gotten caught up trying to eat as little as possible, which of course didn't work. But it seems like it should! Hope your Halloween party is a great time, looking forward to pictures!

  2. Ack, why does it all have to be so hard? This whole, 'eat more to lose weight' thing can be just as painful as anything else because we have to fill up on 'good food' and well, that just does my head in sometimes.
    Let me know what you do. I'm really curious because I am where you are. Not enough calories (though I haven't stalled yet, I know I will if I don't up them soon.)

  3. Hey Robyn and Cara! I've lost a little restriction which is fine with me. I had a protein shake for bfast, a really cool avocado ahi tuna tartare (raw) for lunch, and I had a couple chocolate covered raisins b/c I worked late. It's 8:15pm and I'm getting ready to try to eat some more so I can get those calories in! I'll let you know how it goes Dash. The protein is def helping with the energy!!


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