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Saturday, October 24, 2009

210.5 today!

Its 10/24, one day past my goal of reaching 210.  I really didn't actually make it b/c I'm closer to 211 than 210 but the scale DID start with 210 and ended with .5.  Good enough!  I have a little less restriction today.  I actually ate 2 cookies but I could barely eat soup earlier.  I'm not eating any more bad stuff.  Why does the band let you eat cookies but I can't eat raw veggies right now?  Doesn't matter - I'm just not doing that again!

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  1. Yeah, it does suck the stuff the band lets you get away with while holding us back on the good stuff.

    Congrats on that 210 (the .5, pfft don't count it lol) Seriously, you made a goal, and you hit it. And yeah, it will always be good enough. xx


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