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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still restricted, scale has stopped at 215

I'm still very restricted - I am able to eat very little- and always have to start with coffee or something warm or else I can't seem to eat much of it at all.  All day yesterday, as I was geting everything ready for the party, I only had one cup of coffee.  2pm party came along, I ate a couple of raspberries and drank some water and that was it until dinnertime.  I didn't even have a cupcake!  I just couldn't have even if I tried.  I tried to eat some Trader Joe's chicken fried rice (rice has never bothered me) but nope - couldn't eat it.  Then, I tried some Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup and b/c it was hot, of course, I was able to get it down.  I was still hungry so I warmed up some of the kid's Spaghettios w/ meatballs and it was so warm and hearty that I was able to eat about a cup of that.  Who ever thought I'd ever eat Sphaghettios??!!  Not me - I never even liked the way they smelled, but I'm telling you - they really hit the spot!
Today I had to go into work at 9:30 to oversee the conversion project - I had a 1/2 cup of coffee and for some dumb reason (well there were 12 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for all the employees) I mindlessly ate half a one - just not even thinking!  It got a little stuck, I had to go spit in the bathroom, UGH!  I felt so stupid for just reaching for that doughnut!  I'm glad the band stopped me.  It was such a wake up call to how easily we can overeat without even paying attention.
Its 3pm now, I stopped at Wendy's for chili on the way home - I thought the warmth and protien would be good for me.  I can barely eat a half a cup and I'm not hungry or worn down.  Its a wonderful thing.  I was really hoping after not eating very much yesterday, I might see a change on the scale, but nope - no change again today.  I'm at 215 and not even 214 like I was on Thursday.  But I'm absolutely, positively NOT complaining about 215 - I'm so very happy to be out of the 220's!  I swear I thought it would NEVER happen!
Hope you all are having a cozy day!  I'm sitting on the couch in a very soft cardigan, there's a fire in the fireplace, am I'm looking out the window as the rain drizzles on the lake outside.  I have a Sugar Cookie candle burning on the coffee table and its wonderful.  I love cozy!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Aww, it really sucks when we get stuck - esp when we KNOW we have been good or not eating much. I am so with you there - same thing's happening to me and it's driving me bonkers!
    Maybe shake it up a little (I'm doing it this week. I'm so close to onederland that I just HAVE to make it soon or die trying lol) Brilliant work you've done so far though. x

  2. I have to tell you, my daughter's new word is "cozy" and she always asks to get cozy in my bed with me to watch a movie, or that she wants to get cozy with me on the couch etc. So funny and whenever she says that it reminds me of you and your love for cozy things!

  3. I could never get in the same room with a Krispy Kreme and not eat at least a bite!

    I know the pounds are really going to start dropping for you soon with that restriction! You will get there. Cara is right, try to shake it up, exercise more or whatever. It will happen.

  4. Dash - so glad you can relate! I feel surprisingly good - even after today of no eating. We had so many system issues I didn't eat bfast or lunch. I did get a atkin's protein shake in which is good. But I'm not run down. I'm trying to eat some leftover chili for dinner but its not going down. Dash - let's break this mini plateau together!!

  5. Robyn - that's so funny about your daughter's new word! I LOVE it! :) so glad you thought of me!! I feel so special. LOL!

  6. Hey Gen - too funny - I love Krispy Kreme donughts so much I actually have a 'hot doughnuts now' sign christmas ornament that actually blinks red on and off!
    thanks for the encouragement - I am going to shake things up - to get that scale moving! thanks for stopping by!!


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