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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tighter than a tick's.....

Wow, so this is what restriction feels like?  Holy cow.  What a difference .4cc's make.  I am not able to eat much - it takes me over 30 mins to eat a single greek yogurt (14g protein, 140 cal).  I had an atkin's shake for lunch (15g protien, 160 cal).  I ate a half a bananna for an afternoon snack (50cal,potassium) and I tried to eat some macaroni and cheese for dinner but got a few spoonfuls and PB'd.  I got a really sick feeling - never felt that before - felt that desperate - I'm-going-to-throw-up-urgently feeling for the first time and it was more of a blank, dry heave throw up.  Ugh, gross, and it hurt!  I'm sipping some skim milk and there is just no way I can eat any more.  This restriction is so differerent than I've ever felt - and I have the same side pains - like gas pains.  Its almost like the burping isn't happening and I can hear the air churning around in my stomach.  I know things will calm down soon and I will just wait it out.
ON a BIG note, I was dreaming this morning about what I'm going to look like if I lose this weight and decided I wanted to weigh 215 by this Saturday.  That's like 2lbs in this week.  Well, I got on the scale this a.m. and it said 215.5!  Down from 217 just yesterday.  I know that's water - but I also don't want my body breaking down my muscle for protien, so I am really going to push the protien supplements.  I'm also taking Centrum liquid.  Tastes awful!  Once I'm done with the bottle, I won't buy it again, I'll buy a chewable or have some of the kiddo's vitamins.  It will be so nice if my weight stays at 215 so it will be REAL.  My weight really bounces around 2 or so lbs all the time.  But I am excited to think this number could be real.  What's it going to be like to be at 210 or below?  I NEVER would have thought that could happen anytime soon.  I'm so glad I got the 2nd fill.  I just hope this isn't too tight and it relaxes a little.
Does my restriction sound normal to you all?  Do you think this restriction will relax after a few days?  If it does, I think I'll be perfect b/c I'm really afraid of eating solid things right now based on my experience just then with the mac n cheese!  I should have eaten the fish first!   


  1. Hmmm, I don't know, I did not feel like this at all after my first fill. But I think the amount of restriction can change pretty dramatically over a few days.

    I am stuck at around 212, also bouncing aroud by 2 lbs, and so ready for 210 or below!!! Sounds like you could be there any day with the amount you are eating!

  2. Gen - I definitely didn't feel that way after my first fill. Actually I felt pretty close to normal (without a fill) and the first fill really only slowed me down a little but I could eat whatever and as much as I wanted. Today, I as able to eat a Kashi meal for lunch which included some wheat pasta - so that's a good sign of me not being too tight. I'm so impressed that you are at 212 already - wow that's awesome and FAST! You should be so proud - its a sign of much hard work on your part!

  3. I agree with Gen and RC. I am on my fifth fill now and I have never felt it that much. Could be you're just sensitive to the fills or maybe it will loosen a little over the coming days. I hope so anyway, not fun if you cant eat (or drink)
    On the upside congrats on reaching 215.5. That's exciting.. esp if it is what you were gunning for. Doing well, chicklett.
    Cara x


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