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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finished a 5K this morning!

So I completed the 5K today with my sister!  I had not worked out in the last 2 week b/c of my back that I was worried I'd injure further.  I was also worried about my knee problem I've had since early June from the pool.  Knee was no problem whatsoever.  I was a little out of shape and had to walk earlier into the run than I wanted to.  But I paced myself and took 1-2 min walk breaks when I knew I needed it.  I told my sister to run as fast a time as she could and she finished in 31 minutes.  Sheesh - and she's 43 (3 years older than me!).  I finished in 41 minutes - so I didn't do as badly as I thought I might with the additional walk breaks I hadn't planned on. 
OH!  And afterwards I got my bone density evaluated - and I look *very* good in that category , as well as, received a 'medical' massage on my lower back.  Reps from a place called Essential Wellness which is a local "medical massage practice" were on hand after the race and were AWWWWESOME.  The lady who took care of me acknowledged that I had a lot of tension in my entire back (hello! STRESS!!) especially in my lower back.  She pushed and prodded my lower back and it even hurt a little as she released and manipulated the tendons on the tops of my hips.  My upper back actually cracked while I was sitting down after she manipulated my lower back - she said b/c she was able to release the tension and it relaxed the muscle that is attached to your spinal column.....ANYway, I was just happy about having someone work on my back.  I even booked an appointment with them - its only $45 for a one hour medical massage and 30 min consultation.  I pay more than that for an hour massage at a spa! 
I also picked up a free session at a Hot Yoga place called ZEN Hot Yoga.  One of the very cool ladies we met at the running after party goes to this same hot yoga studio and she highly recommended it.  Have any of you all ever gone to one?  I told her I'd feel awkward at my size going and she said not to worry - all shapes, sizes, and skill levels were there and that's why she loved the place.  She said afterward you feel so cleansed and relaxed.  I really am going to try it.  Can you imagine how great a shower would feel after that?  Its like how great jumping in the pool feels after cutting the grass or working in the flowerbeds!  I'll let you all know how it goes!


  1. Great! Hey 41 mins is speedy in my book! I am going to have to work up to that pace! You must feel great.

  2. Great job on the run and the massage you got sounds so nice!

  3. COngrats! THat is so awesome. I have been dying to try Hot Yoga for years...but they didnt have it in KS at the time, and they dont have it in Pensacola that I know of! Let me know how it goes.

  4. Hey thanks Girls!! how nice to check on my blog and see 4 encouraging comments!!
    Amy - I'll let you know how the hot yoga works me out! I'm really sore today - even my port site is sore which I've not experienced before. I'll bet its great for sore muscles.
    Gen - I was surprised at how well I did the first mile, but I did more walking the 2nd and 3rd miles - so I was surprised I did it under 45m.
    Robyn - the massage WAS wonderful! so perfect right after, you know?
    Beth - thanks for the support - its always so uplifting that anyone would take the time comment- thank you!! It means a lot! :)


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