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Thursday, September 24, 2009

218 Today at the Dr's office!!!!

Yes, me, seriously.....me, the eternal-plateau, the-only-woman-the-band-doesn't-work ME!  I got my period again, which was weird b/c I just got it 2 weeks ago, but wow - the benefits of getting your period means you finally let go of weight?  REALLY?  Hmmm, does that really have to go hand in hand?  If so, its worth it!  I went to the dr for my 6 month MRI (I get a breast MRI and mammogram - alternating every 6 mos b/c of my high risk for breast cancer) and I stepped on the scale and it said 218!!  AFTER my morning coffee and spinach/feta/egg pannini breakfast!  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.
How strange that I stopped exercising and then I lost the weight.  I've heard sometimes you just have to 'shock' your body into something different (like eat more if you've been eating less, exercise less if you've been pushing the exercise, etc.)  Well, it looks like it works!!! 
I've also got my 2nd fill scheduled for next week.  I think I'm only going to get like a .5, I just want to feel like I'm supposed to with constant restriction and right now I can just eat what I want and only sometimes restricted.  I understand how the band works, I understand my body's reaction to the band and food and I can handle it.  I'm ready to move forward now, ready to do without more often.  If I want to get to 140 or 150 someday - that's 68 lbs away from today.  I WILL do this!
Going to post some pics of myself and measurements later......

So I love taking pictures (of other people and other things!) and I learned about Dopiaza and it allows you to use your flickr account to sort your pictures into sets like "most interesting" and others.  So I did mine, and the picture above came out as my top "most interesting" pictures according to flickr and the people that view them.  And, yes, I do love to make cupcakes if you hadn't noticed already from my blog profile pic.  The ones above I made for my mom and sisters for mother's day one year.  The flowers are ornate gum paste flowers I purchased from a cake shop (like the ones that make wedding cakes) and I put them on top of lemon and pineapple cupcakes. They were beautiful AND delish!  Anyway, here are more of my most 'interesting' pictures according to flickr in order:

(my son with a cute chick on each arm!  yes, literally!)

A pic of Adam Levine I took from a Maroon 5 concert

A pic of Michael Buble I took at his concert...

Another pic of Adam Levine

Pic of some polymer clay mugs of hot chocolate I made for bracelet charms last Christmas *note the cozy factor at work here*

more charms - more of the same

slices of cake charms

pic of my daughter when she was a baby with a cupcake hat I knit for her
(Its supposed to look like a coconut cupcake)

random pic of my daughter when she was a baby

random pic of my sister (the blonde) her husband and their daughter's first birthday
And then the rest are more pics of Michael Buble.

So my question is, why did people pick these - isn't that interesting?  I have over 3000 pictures on Flickr - so why are these more interesting?  I TOTALLY get my beefcake pics - and I get the cupcakes - heck, I loved cupcakes before they were really trendy - so I know those pics got a lot of attention.  But the random pics of my fam?  You should try it this to find out what people think are YOUR most interesting pics - and share them with me!  I'd love to see them!!


  1. Congrats on the continued weight loss! I love all the pictures, the cupcakes and little charms you made look amazing, and your kids are adorable!

  2. OMG that is the most beautiful cupcake I have ever seen! You are the Martha Stewart of Lap Band Land!

    And adorable kiddies!

    Great news on the weight! It is happening! We are both headed in the right direction, with just about the same amount to lose.

  3. Those cupcakes are amazing! So dainty!

  4. Thanks Robyn! I do love making stuff. I work in a highly technical male-dominated field and I'm really just a crafter at heart - I NEED the creative outlet to survive my job! LOL.

    Gen - thanks for the lovely compliment. I take a ridiculously large number of pictures of my cupcakes. Its a sickness, probably! And its funny you say Martha Stewart - people at work nick name me "Martha Stewart" LOL. Because I bestow my "good things" on them all the time. I really can't believe my weight is still dropping. Its so motivating.

    Hey thanks Vi for the compliment. And I wish you guys could have TASTED them! YUM!


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