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Monday, September 7, 2009

Shopping Ann Taylor Loft & school starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm buying myself some clothes.  I've got some good coupons - 15% off and 20% off and $20 off a $100 purchase that I can combine with the per cent off coupons.  I 're-activated' my card with them (I never have credit card balances so it deactivated) so they sent me slew of coupons.  I know I've not lost any weight really, but I'm tired of wearing the same old stuff.  I need some new stuff, need to look nice even though I think I'm going to grow out of them.  I'm buying expensive tops at Ann Taylor Loft because I know I can wear them for some time.  This in charcoal and dusty lilac is really beautiful:  .
Their clothes are such great quality and wear very well in my experience!  The sizes are also generous and I can wear the xl tops.  The bottoms run small, however, in case you order something.  Oh, and if you like to accessorize, their jewelry is a very nice quality even though I don't think it shows well on the website.  In person, the jewelry is nice and heavy.
I did buy my son some new stuff, but he's pretty easy.  Some surf shirts, Levi's and new tennis shoes and he's good.  Boys are so easy!
Work was slow today and I updated my profile and resume on Linked In.  I *almost* invited my former EVP to link to me on Linked In (its sort of like facebook for work) but chickened out.  He left our company and is now over the entire Cust Svc branch for Apple Inc., globally.  Holy cow.  He's a great leader and I liked him very much on a personal level as well.  Once I completely clean up my profile and have my resume looking like it should, I'll invite him.  I just feel like, who am I to invite someone of his stature to my little Linked In acct?  That sounds just as stupid as it looks when I just typed that.  But I don't want to overstep my bounds either- if that makes any sense.  Its not like I'm asking him to recommend my work or anything - but the people you have connections to does mean something, I think, when you're out there looking for a job.  I don't invite every single person I've ever known either.  I'm somewhat selective because when it comes to work profiles, it matters.  I'm trying to walk that fine line between spending some money on my work clothes to remain professional but not go too crazy b/c I really don't know how long I'll keep my job.  Anyone else dealing with the work clothes dilemma?


  1. OOOH I did this just a few days ago too - clothes shopped.. it's good for the heart and soul. Love the ones you posted here.. they look great (and I bet great on.)
    I hear you on the 'shopping for boys' front. With four of my own, 'tis easy peasy. They are happy with mostly anything (wish we girls were the same! lol) .. it would make life a little easier.

  2. Oh great, another thing to obsess about! I love those shoes and the clothes are great. I agree, Ann Taylor (esp the regular Ann Taylor, not Loft) has generous sizing. I fit into most of the 16 dresses and XL tops. I also have a J.Crew obsession, and recently bought a bunch of those embellished Tees, but my muffin top is still too pronounced to really wear them. Can't wait to whip those out!


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