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Saturday, September 12, 2009

rolla coast-a , roll on! oooh ooh!

Do you guys remember that song? Its disco-era-ish.  And well that's what I'm on.  So I get on the scale yesterday - mind you I've been 223 for 3 days, and I'm back down to 220.2.  WTH?  I'll take it but I can't help but think its fleeting.  I've been eating well  - restricting my calories, eating protien, etc.   My lower back is better so I will be exercising this weekend after taking 7 days off.  Its absolutely gorgeous here outside so I have no excuse.
Last night I went to a Chinese buffett with my sister and her family.  She's the one who exercises and runs everyday and is very phys fit.  Well I hadn't eaten much all day - and I tried to eat some good stuff I'd put on my plate and I could feel it getting stuck.  Remember, no one but my husband knows, so I had to pretend I was taking BusyBee to the restroom (she's been potty trained for only 2 weeks so its frequent trips to the bathroom for her!).  I didn't think I would make and I couldn't talk to ask people to get out of my way.  Then the staff who were restocking plates blocked my entrance to the restroom and I almost lost it.  I couldn't speak to tell them to move - but I did barely make it.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I make that back of the throat sound when I'm sliming.  If someone else was in the bathroom, they'd think I was throwing up.  Anyway, I don't even shut the stall door before I spit into the toilet.  And there was this poor little 7yr old girl walking slowly by the stall staring at the spectacle of me.  I think I scared her! LOL.  Poor thing.  Anyway, I got it back together and made it back to the table and could eat normally.  I ate very slowly and my sister commented how little I ate.  She's said it a few times over the last 6 mos - but she always knows I'm trying to lose weight.
On the home decorating front - I'll be painting my kitchen cabinets a nice, rich creamy color this Sunday.  Mr Coconuts and I installed our own dark wood floors in the kitchen some time ago so I want to go with a light color.  Then we'll have someone put dark countertops in.  I just can't decide on the quartz color.  I'll keep ya'll posted!


  1. OOOOH those PB's sneak up and hit us when we least expect it! Had a couple myself lately. Good job making it to the loo though. The cupboards sound nice :)

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! We are right around the same place in weight terms and age (well, you are the youngster!) But I am way early in this band journey.

    Another thing we have in common: Decorating! I love it but it has consumed too much time and money in recent months, so I am trying to go cold turkey on that too (almost as hard as dieting).

    It will be fun to follow you, good luck with losing more and more!

  3. RC- I just found your blog! Sounds like you're doing well,I added you to my list so I can follow you. Sounds like we have a lot in common being working Moms-although you are more petite :).


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