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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Took pictures of Busybee today and got this one of her sniffing a flower on the deck.  So cute!  I hope I can get my eating under control so she grows up and doesn't learn any bad habits from me.  I'm glad I got the band and am working toward a healthier life.   
On the home deocrating front, Mr. Coconut and began sanding and priming the cabinets.  This is a small preview of what the cabinets used to look like.  Notice the wood floor color TOTALLY clashes with the cabinets, hense, the reason we're painting them.  I bought an Antique white which is a warm cream color.  i also bought a Ralph Lauren "tea stain" glaze that I will rub into the corners to highlight the panels of the cabinets and warm them up a bit.  We only got the lower cabinets done - sanding and priming took much longer than I thought it would.  I'm also going slow b/c I'm so worried about creating visible streaking.  The primer is oil based, so if I create ridges in the paint, its going to really show up later when I paint them.  Anyway, I don't know if I told you guys that I also knit.  I'm knitting a little jacket for BusyBee but I swear, I never get through one row uninterupted by a kid needing/wanting something.  Anyway, while grandma took the kids for most of the day today, I knit for a solid hour straight!  It was heaven and I made a lot of progress.  It felt great!  Knitting is like yoga for me - its very calming for me and a real stress buster. 
Mr. Coconuts was away meeting a car owner for breakfast - he's racing cars again competitively this Fall and this is a new owner that he's entertaining driving for.  Its nothing glamorous nor profitable - its his hobby, that's all.  Anyway, he's sewed up all his sponsors and thinks he will go ahead and do it again this year.  I'll keep you all posted on how well he does. 
On another front, remember how I told you that BusyBee loves to take my camera and take pictures?  After I took pictures of her with the flowers she insisted I let her take a few.  She snapped these, and I can't help but just love the perspective.  This is how she sees the world from her short little self!   So crisp too!  Lucky shots for a 2 - almost 3 year old next month!!


  1. I love your pool area - very very pretty - I think you having a budding photographer in the making lol... she took some great shots! She's a little cutie too, don't you love the way they smoosh the flowers under their nose like that?

  2. oops that was.. HAVE a budding photographer.. wake up brain!!

  3. OMG she is so adorable!!! How old is she? I have a 3 yr old DD, my youngest. Good for you doing the painting - I usually leave those kinds of jobs to the "experts" ...but here is a story you will appreciate. I decided I hated the color of my kitchen cabinets and had someone come by to see about painting them. She took one look and said, oh, you don't need to paint your cabinets, you need to paint your walls! The wall color is all wrong for these cabinets. She then whipped out her paint color swatch and told me exactly what color I needed (a latte sort of color) and she was right! That did the trick.

  4. LOVE your NSV goals too, remind me of my own! I also feel my husband is better looking than me, he's certainly in WAY better shape!

  5. Interesting story about the cabinets - I never would have thought of that. My cabinets are 'pickled' cabinets - and my floor is an expresso color, so I think the creamy 'antiqued' cabs might look nice b/c I want to install a coffee colored quartz countertop. Hey - and my walls are a latte color now! LOL. My DD will be three next month! :)

  6. RC - That is so funny. My cabinets are sort of a pickled/whitewashed look too....The doors anyway. The frames are a sort of light green but too bluish green. Not what I would have chosen.....My floors are dark slate and my granite is dark - the contrast dark/light looks pretty good now. You are on the right track. Look at my post called "How is this Possible" & you will get a glimpse of my kitchen.


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