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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Small NSV and pictures

Well as predicted, I'm 219 on the scale this a.m.  That's ok, it'll drop.  As promised, I've taken a few pictures of myself and taken my measurements.  The capri's I'm wearing in this picture are important for 2 reasons:  A.  I wore them when I met John Mayer (have I mentioned before how I'm the same age as Jennifer Aniston so why is he wasting his time with her when he can have me??)  Anyway, B.  I haven't worn them in over a year b/c I couldn't button them and they were too tight in the butticus region!  With the loss off the last 5 lbs I can wear these comfortably!  Woooot!  Here's a picture of me in them:

The above pictures of my gut and I tried to take pictures of my very small scars.   I am predicting I will see a lot of changes in my gut so I wanted a 'before' picture.  This is usually the first place I gain and the first place I lose weight - so I can't wait to show you an 'after'!!

What is ironic is that I feel myself getting to that place where I feel like - ok, cool, clothes are comfortable.  I'm doing the work, losing a few lbs, so I can let myself eat what I want just for today.  I earned it and clearly I know what I'm doing b/c I just lost 5 lbs.   I'm really GOOD at manipulating myself aren't I?  Aren't I crazy?  I'm acting like its ok for me to eat whatever I want almost like I deserve for working so hard and getting off those 5lbs.  AND ITS ONLY 5LBS!  And I'm already relaxing the slack on the reins?  WTF is wrong with me?  That's the OLD me logic that clearly doesn't work!  Glad I sat down to type this so that I could stop myself.  I'm sipping some coffee to distract me until I can go eat something healthy......


  1. Congrats on fitting into the capri's.

  2. Nice work getting into the capris, and good for you posting pics!!!

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Changing bad habits (like the I deserve this because...) is a looooonnng process (I should know!) BTW I do the exact same thing. Oh, I lost 5 lbs, I can eat this cake! LOL.

  3. thanks Dawn and Gen! the weekends always undo me....I got on the scale today and it says 220 again. Just need to cut back today and go for that 2nd fill next week. Otherwise, I'm just not properly restricted and this isn't going to happen.

  4. You're rockin' those capris, wow...inspiring me to go drink some water and find my running shoes.

  5. You are looking great in the capris and I am very much looking forward to see your after pictures. I am sure you will get there! Think positive! I just became your follower and look forward to follow your journey.

  6. Just found your blog, I have enjoyed getting caught up on your journey....we all have different paths to take, but eventually we will all get to where we want to go!


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