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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dropped another half a pound!

Got on the scale this a.m. and it said 217.5.  I know its b/c I'm dehydrated and tomorrow morning the scale will probably say 218.5 but it was pretty cool to see that.  I slowly got on the scale and easing myself on I stopped a few times to see what it would look like to - look down and have it STOP on 160, or 178, or 189, even 205.  Can you imagine?  What does that feel like?  I read so many other blogs - what does that really feel like?  I can't wait to experience that! 
I just found this picture of me at my absolute heaviest.  I'm standing in front of ruins in Mexico. I'm 236 here.  I'm glad I will never weigh that again.  I am on the right path, I am doing the right things.  I am so thankful I made that decision as hard as it was.  This is hard for me to post.  But its me being honest with myself.  Putting it out there for my new bandster friends to see and for me to own up to.  Its my starting point to this new story I'm writing.....

I ate a lot for dinner tonight and I need to work out tomorrow.  Its been a rainy drizzly day - I can't wait to wake up early tomorrow while the whole house is asleep and drink some warm coffee and watch the sun rise over the lake.  Its one of my favorite things to despite the fact that I do love to sleep in on Saturdays - well, I'd LOVE to sleep in on Saturdays if it was actually possible in my house with these two kids of mine!
This weekend I'm going to work on painting the kitchen cabinets and I'm going to take some pictures of the bedside mirror I put up - I love how it turned out.  Oh wow, I just realized how tres risque that sounded - I do have a bedside mirror but it reflects lamplight, absolutely nothing else.  Trust me.
And in case you yearn to be in Mexico - here's some shots of Sunny Me-he-co!

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  1. Excellent news on more weight lost!!!!

    The pic is not that bad. Hey, I haven't worn shorts since I started having kids 12 years ago!!!! Your legs look very fit even at your highest weight.

    I know you are mortified, but it really is helpful posting the pics and the weights and all that. Part of really coming to terms with the whole thing.

    Enjoy your Sat. morning!


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