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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Very tight restriction out of nowhere!

I have had such major restriction the last few days and I'm not sure why.  I did return to work yesterday - perhaps unconsciously I was thinking about it and the stress increased my restriction.   Today all I could eat was a protein shake for lunch b/c when I tried to eat some pasta with tomato sauce I got majorly stuck and PB'd.  I'm noticing that many of you actually say that you throw up (sorry for the grossness) food when you PB.  I've never done that.  I just 'throw up' spit but never any food.  I wonder why.  Doesn't matter, really.  Just wonder why.
I'm really liking the pedometer in my iPod nano.  What I don't like, however, is that my new ipod won't play in my Bose speaker thing-y that I use for my other ipods.  I probably just need to download some updated software for my speaker system, but what a PITA (pain the the ass!).
I'm thinking some of my restriction may also be part of this underlying decision I need to make sometime in January about my personal future-deciding to either stay with the company and move to either Charlotte, NC, Burlington, NC, or some other place.  If I move, my husband loses his job.  If I stay, I lose mine.  If I move they will pay to relocate me but I will have to sell my house.  I don't think renting my house would be a great idea because I just don't know how well a renter would take care of my house.  I would, however, like to have something to come back to someday.  Its such a big and life changing decision.  Either way, our family is taking a paycut - either mine or my husbands.  But he could be a stay at home Dad and be a really great one!
Sigh - the stress I think is creating this restriction.  The restriction is definitely causing some weight loss.  I really want to lose these 5lbs and get into the 190's!  I got so hooked on chocolate things over Christmas that I think I gained maybe a lb.  Not bad, but I am actually sick of chocolate.   I'm also struggling to eat broccoli.  Its just too dense and causes me to get stuck.  I am doing much better eating the foods I need to be eating, however. So those steps are in the right direction.  I need to put my ipod to work and EXERCISE!  I know I do, why don't I just do it?  I need to figure out and plan in my day where I'm going to fit it in.  When I worked out consistently for about 2 years, I worked out during my lunch hour.  Clearly that worked for me, I need to just do that again! 


  1. EEK! Sounds like you have some big decisions on the horizon too - the whole 'to rent or not to rent' is the hardest. Maybe stress IS making you tight - I hear that happens with some people.. doesn't seem to affect me .. well, not much.. but could be the case for you. It's always nice when restriction pops it's head up again!!

  2. Sounds like you have too much restriction right now & I have NONE!!! Oh well, in time, I too will have restriction.

    Hope you are able to come to a decision soon that will make both you & your DH happy.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Some tough life choices to make, I feel for you and wish I could be mre helpful than to say: this too shall pass. Eventually, the decision will be made, one way or another and you'll be past it and feeling better. In the meantime, it's just hard. I guess that is just acceptance on some level-- very hard.

    As for the stress restriction, as I understand it, yes: people get more restriction with stress. Interesting.
    If you love brocoli, try brocoli soup! I LOVE pureed veggies soups:

    Just take a head of washed brocoli, steam/ sautee it (maybe a hint of olive oil), throw in some garlic to taste, cover with low salt chicken broth, cook brocoli until very tender, blend up-- voila-- a creamy treat!
    Add skim milk or fat free creamer if you want it to be a 'cream soup.'


  4. I am so sorry about the job situation. I have relocated a couple times as a single mom and it is very hard. One time I was only going to be gone for a year so I rented my house. I was very picky about the renter, but the phone calls to fix things was a pain. I cannot do broccoli either unless its cooked until almost mushy, I love it crunchy :(


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