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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Will we eat differently when we're at goal?

I spent yesterday running around the day just flew by!  I have so many plans for this week and I can already tell that I'm not going to get everything that I want done.  I did great eating yesterday because I was so busy.  I think left to my own devices, left at home, I'd eat more.  I do good with eating when I am working also - again because I am so busy.
Do you all think that once at goal, you will eat differently than you do today?  Why do I think that?  I guess I think that because I feel like I'm being really careful in what I eat in order to lose.  But if I truly think through it, even at goal there will be gains and then we will have to modify what we eat to go back down.  Also, at a lower weight the total number of calories required will be lower so I will likely eat exactly what I'm eating today just to maintain.  That means I will consume the same number of calories at goal to maintain that I consume today which allows me to lose at my current weight. Hmmmm.  I think I need to read some blogs of people who are at goal and figure out what they are eating compared to what they ate to lose. 
I'm ready to lose another 10 lbs and get into the 190's.  I need to get exercising to make that happen.  I also need to do better at consuming vegetables.  I've noticed I'm eating fewer salads and vegetables b/c I'm focusing on the protien and end up eating starches to go with them (pasta, rice, etc.).  I'm going to fix that.....


  1. I too have just reintroduced salads. I actually avoided them for a while because they seemed like so much work...all that chewing for not a lot of satisfaction. Plus, so many years of "dieting" seemed to include lots of salad!! But I have really started to enjoy them again. I would love to find some blogs of those that are at goal to see what they are eating. Let us know if you find some good ones. :)

  2. I am hoping that I will eat differently! Although, really, I already do... I am careful about really focusing on the protein and then veggies more than I ever was.

    BTW - any chance you're going to run the Shamrock this year? I think I'm going to sign up for the 8k race on Saturday and my hubby is going to do the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

  3. I am going to try to eat the way I'm going to eat for life-- starting as soon as I can. Nothing really changes at goal except maybe you have to reduce your intake to maintain (yikes!)
    So: I'd say, try to work out your eating habits for the long term starting right now. Instead of being on any 'diet'-- focus on healthful, quality food with a limit of calories to keep the weight loss going. I hope this helps and doesn't sound completely moronic and useless like the dumb anesthesiologist I met yesterday.

    It is ALL easier said than done- keep up the great work!!!
    xo Vanessa

  4. I'm not sure if I will eat any differently than the way I do now. I think we have to go through another mental shift - all this time of learning to eat a certain way to lose weight then trying to figure out what we can eat to maintain. It's a constant learning curve.


  5. Rhonda - yup - I'm signing up for the 8k! We'll have to try and find each other at the race!!! my email is sarah-fogler@comcast.net if you want to discuss more! Merry Christmas!


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