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Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 Favorite Things....

I'm not Oprah or anything, but I do love getting together with my 3 girlfriends at Christmas b/c we always gift each other with our 'favorite things' that we've discovered, re-discovered, or always rely on over time.  Its fun to try something new that you wouldn't normally buy.  So lets share what our favorite things are either in general or related to the band that help us and that others might 'discover' and try and possibly become their favorite things....  So here I go -
My Favorite Things:
1.  Gummy Omega 3 supplement.  They are SO much easier to stomach than pre-band fish oil capsules.  No fishy taste, they actually taste quite good!  I buy mine from Target at 5.99 per bottle.
2.  My iPod nano with the built-in pedometer, am/fm radio, and video camera.  This this is just the coolest!  I have no idea if I might ever use the video camera - but still - its the bomb!
3.  Premier Protein shakes from Costco.  They have 30g protein in only 160 cal, taste great and are much less expensive than the other brands.  I always have these on hand.
4.  Chiobani Greek yogurt.  I'm now addicted to Greek yogurt and just don't want regular yogurt anymore.  Its like yogurt taste, sour cream consistency.  I linked there to their site where you can get a free cup of yogurt by submitting your email address.  It tastes great, low sugar, and 12g protien. I also buy these at Costco so they're cheaper than regular grocery store.
5.  Christian Diorshow mascara.  Don't get the waterproof.  If you want awesome lashes, this stuff is hands down the best.  And I've tried a lot of them.  No wonder this stuff had a cult-like following - it simply works!
6.   Food Diary/blank mini-notebook from Barnes & Noble.  I keep this in my purse at all times, track my food, my weight, and my thoughts, restriction levels, my fill amounts and dates, as well as my weight goals.  I can make a quick grocery list, christmas list, or to just jot down a number.  Its prettier than a moleskin, has a strong magnetic closure and I love good quality pens and paper so it works for me! 
7.  Philosophy Purity facial cleanser & Philosophy Hope in a jar - My skin has changed in the last few years and is dryer and more sensitive.  I used to have combination/oily skin.  So this cleaser has helped me keep my skin balanced and the moisturizer keeps my skin well hydrated without being greasy.  It also smells good. I buy mine at Sephora with coupons or on Ebay.
8.  Williams & Sonoma marshmallows - Their marshmallows are really wonderful because they melt differently than regular marshmallows into a wonderful layer of froth-like creaminess on top of your hot chocloate.  I also love their hot chocolate - its shaved pieces of chocolate that you scoop and mix with hot milk.  Its REALLY cozy!  I buy an extra box after christmas because their Christmas food never sells out and it goes half price!
9.  Trader Joe's Simmer Sauces - Korma simmer sauce , Cacciatore simmer sauce, etc.  These are great for making with Chicken to make the chicken band friendly.  They run about $2.80 (cheap!) and I've never had one of their Simmer Sauces, that was not honestly VERY good and that I didn't have to doctor up and add anything to.  I've tried Williams Sonoma simmer saurces that are MUCH more expensive - like 4x as much - and they weren't as good.  I love Trader Joe's!
10.  I love Blogger - without it, I wouldn't have this blog and have met all of you amazing bloggers that I've learned so much from!  It makes it easy for me to have a blog (even though I wish I had 3 columns....maybe someday I'll be brave enough to change it)


  1. I love this list, I just got the gummies yesterday after reading about them on your blog. I am a horrible pill taker (can't remember to do it) so I am hoping I can just stick those in my car and have them as a midmorning "snack". I need that nano too, I have outgrown my shuffle and need some more tunes! Thanks for the list, great idea!

  2. What a great list! Thanks for the mascara tip, I am perpetually searching for the perfect mascara. I love the Philosophy Hope in a Jar too - I have to buy 2 jars at a time because my DH steals it!

    So bummed we don't have a Costco. I want to try those protein shakes. And Trader Joe's is out unless we happen to be in Santa Fe.

    Now I also want to try those marshmallows! Fun!

  3. DiorShow is my absolute favorite mascara! I found it almost 2 years ago and haven't switched to anything else since! :)

    I'll have to try the Premier shakes! You are the 2nd person this week that I've heard they are pretty good from. Next time I'm at Costco I'll pick some up. I typically always grab the Muscle Milk Lights and always see the Premier there! :)

  4. Oooh I love DiorShow mascara too. I had like five mascaras at one time in my makeup case and I still go back to that one first. It's the bomb.
    I am right into Greek Yoghurt now too. I wonder if they would send a free sample across the seas? And what sort of shape it would be in once it got here lol.
    Thanks for your great list. So many things there that are similar to what I like too - I love these as we get to know you just a little more.
    Cara xx

  5. I too love the Premier Protein shakes from Costco. And at such a good price too. I will have to try the Gummy Omega 3 supplements as well!

  6. Love the list and love the mascara !!!

  7. so glad you guys like the list!! I'm looking forward to your lists too! :)

  8. OMG! I am SOOO sorry .. do you know I've just realised something? I thought your banner heading was The Crazy Coconut and I have JUST THIS SECOND read it as COZY!!!! I am officially dyslexic.. sheesh.. (I'm explaining in case you were wondering why I referred to it as this in that post we did when we tried the 24 hours restriction..) I am blushing now lol.

  9. Oh Cara - that's hilarious! Well it makes more sense I'm sure to most people as 'crazy' vs. cozy! LOL!!!!! Love it! Maybe I'll change it! :)


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