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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Limo ride!

Two of my best friends have Dec birthday days apart so we had a surprise limo ride for the two of them.  The coolest thing is that it snowed!  We NEVER get snow - its probably been over 2 years since we've even had a dusting - so we had to get a pic of us in the "snow"

We started out with brunch and mimosas, bought new shoes for the evening, then took a limo ride to a bunch of posh places.  One martini and appetizer per restaurant.   Ok, we did have aged Tequila at ONE mexican place....

 Here are the shoes I bought (my shoe is the one on the right)

I did well this time - meaning no hangover today - I've learned well that eating less means you must drink less so you're not feeling a hangover the next day.  We had such a fun time! 

I'm not terribly pleased with the pictures of me -  I did wear my size 14 jeans out which was awesome!  The poor pictures of me actually motivates me to not rest on the progress I've made so far and instead keep working at losing more.  It really is a very wonderful place to be and so different than ever before - to not feel depressed and just give up.  Instead of gaining - I'm just plateaued, that's all.  I feel like I really can be successful for once in my life and do this!  I know how to do it - I feel good about it - and to not be gaining weight and instead just sitting steady at one weight - I know that I can continue to progress!  I do LOVE this band.  Its the holidays and I'm NOT gaining weight!
  My restriction is really hot and cold these days.  Sometimes it is so tight I can barely eat anything - mushy or not.  Other times, I'm able to eat whatever whenever!  It is really wonderful to eat only half of what you have in front of you and feel content.  I am amazed really how much I used to eat before.  I really noticed it at brunch - I was only able to eat half of what was on my plate while everyone else could eat everything.  In the past (last year) I did just that - these days, I simply can't!  Is so great to be in that place - so for those of you who are considering the band or aren't banded yet - it really is very liberating and wonderful!
Today, hubby and I are wrapping presents for the kids - and going to lunch- just us.  I can't wait!  The kids are with my in-laws so we have a free day! woo hoo!  I just wish it was still snowing......


  1. Sexy lady - and love the shoes. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that drink looks so yum. How was that? The snow putting on a show for you - it must know its Christmas. Have the best day with your hubby - enjoy his company one on one (gets rarer and rarer for us all huh!!) and have a lovely Christmas.
    Cara xxxxx

  2. Looks like a great night! Size 14 jeans is so awesome- to me 14 is a real normal size.

  3. Hi, me again.
    I tried to find your email address: I thought I had it before but now it's gone AWOL. I just wanted to send you a message to say thanks for your beautiful moving message on my latest post. You are sincerely of the sweetest people I know.
    Cara xxxx


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