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Friday, December 11, 2009

NSV! Rings!

I haven't been able to take off my wedding rings in probably 3 years.  Seriously.  I couldn't get them off.  Last night I was fiddling with my ring on my right hand, and it slipped off.  It was very cold (which helps) and I must be dehydrated b/c I tried my engagement ring - and it with a little struggle, I got it off.  I then tried my wedding band - and I was able to get that off too!  I thought I'd have to wait for at least 180-190lb range to be able to get my rings off.  Now I'm going to give them a good cleaning!  It feels so strange to have my rings off - but great too!  I've been married 15yrs, so my hands have worn wedding rings for a while now!
I do have a major dent in my ring finger where my rings used to be.  Can you see it in the pic?  It doesn't show up too well in the pic, but its a definite dent in my ring finger!  I think I'm going to leave my rings off for a little bit so that the dent goes away - does anyone know how to help that go away faster or does it just take time?   I don't want to have my rings sized up in hopes they will fit like they should once I get the weight down.
I'm taking today off from work again today - I plan to wrap Christmas presents, clean the house really well - deep clean my bathrooms and the smudges off the baseboards around the house.  I dropped Busy Busy at the sitters so I'm alone and can get it done.  I'm going to make a really great dinner too!  I need to send out Christmas cards too!
My plan today is to work out on the treadmill for 45mins, and focus on eating vegetables today.  I'm doing well with the gummy vitamins and gummy Omega 3's daily.  If you all want to work in Omega 3 daily, gummies are much better than the fish oil capsules I used to take pre-band!  I wish I'd known about them pre-band!
Hope everyone has an awesome day!!  I'm 6.5 lbs away from 200, 7.5lbs away from 199 and breaking the onederland barrier!  Shout out to Gen - hope you made it to Onderland or hope you're there this weekend!!!  I can't wait to join you!


  1. oooh only 7.5 till wonderland - you will be there asap!! And yeah, I can see that dent in your finger lol I have those too and nope - no idea how to get rid of them - might take months of non-ring wearing but then.. we love our rings.. we can't be without them for long and besides yours are too pretty to hide!!

    Hope you got those pressies wrapped and the house deep cleaned!! Fun fun fun........

  2. Yay, that's awesome you got your rings off! Enjoy your day off. My house needs a deep cleaning too, but I just can't get motivated to do it!

  3. I had the opposite problem. I had to take off my rings a couple of years ago while I still could (barely) get them off! The dent took a long time to go away, probably a year at least. Sometimes I can still see a hint of a line on one side of the finger! I can't wait until I can wear rings again!! LOl

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words that you left on my blog....I am slowly but surely trying to read yours from the beginning! Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


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