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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Staying home from work today

This is not a picture of our Christmas Tree.....if you look closely, I wanted to show you where my son's dog likes to sleep.  Here's a close-up.  He's a minature dachshund and I often sit down and accidentally squash him.  Silly dog.

This is my view from my couch right now.
I have 2 weeks vacation that I still haven't used.  I'm going to carry a week over into next year and then I'm going to take 5 days between now and the end of the year to finish some projects around the house.  Remember the kitchen cabinets I started?  Well, they're not finished and I need to do that b/c they're looking bad half done!  So today I have the ability to stay home and work from home.  I have a project deadline today and plan to knock it out while watching the TLC channel all day with no office interruptions!  I don't the opportunity to work from home very often b/c on most days I have conference calls or meetings that I must be present in the office to conduct.  So I just got done cleaning the kitchen and the living room - no more kid clutter - and I've lit some candles and turned on all the Christmas lights.  Its raining outside - which I love it when it rains - and I have a beautiful cup of Thanksgiving Blend Sbux coffee steaming beside me as I write this.  I'm looking out the window at 4 ducks who are just floating with their heads tucked into their wings while its pouring on their silly little heads!  Co-oh-zy!
I hopped on the scale today and this recent restriction has me down to 206 this morning.  I still cannot believe it!    Its such a wonderful place to be to not feel that sadness and frustration of the scale going the other way every holiday.  Its wonderful to wear clothes that fit - I wore size 14 Levi jeans last weekend!  I had a big sweater on top so the muffin top the tighter waist of size 14 jeans created didn't show.  LOL!  Yesterday, I did a great job getting the protein in,  but I accidentally ate the last few bites of chicken too quickly and PB'd into an empty water bottle the entire drive home.  OMG.  It was horrible. 
Working more protien in I feel so much more energy now than I did before.  I honestly couldn't understand how many of you exercise so consistently and INTENSELY on such little food.  I know I just had such low energy all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.  Exercise was out of the question.  Now I'm  feeling more energy and I do believe its because of my concentration on protien.
I was watching my recording of Dr. Oz yesterday on cancer fighting foods.  I realized I really need to plan my diet much better.  I need to plan better and work more antioxident rich foods into my daily diet.  I plan to move to working in organic Greek yogurt with blueberries and raspberries for my mid-morning breakfast.  And adding broccoli and fish to my diet at least 4x per week.  I also want to figure out how to add in flax seed and quinona into my diet.  I really struggle with getting down brown rice because it is so dense - so I'm not sure how to work in the quinona grain so that I can eat it easily.  I'm experimenting with recipes now.  I'm sure EatOxygen can help me out with recipes.  Anyone else trying to fit in flax seed or quinona?


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect setting to get some work done! Especially since there are no office distractions. You have a lovely view!

  2. WOW!What an incredibly beautiful home you have!!! I love the snow effect too - but mostly .. look at that view out the window and the incredible French doors leading onto it.. so gorgeous!

    I'm stoked things are going well for you.. and only 7 little pounds till you hit onderdland!! OMG - that's so exciting. Love that you are into new clothes too.. I would have to say - apart from the proof of the scales going down - this is one of the more exciting aspects of losing weight - new clothes in a smaller size that fit! Whooooooo xxxxxx

  3. My son often has trouble in the "Number 2" department, so I'll put flax seed in his apple sauce. He doesn't seem to notice at all and it helps out his situation.

  4. I too have many vacation days that I have to use before the end of the year. I am only carrying over two to next year so I will be taking some time off. Why is it that we dont take more time spread throughtout the year? Even if work is buzy - they could do without us every once in a while, right?

    I would love to have that view!! That is amazing.

    I put flax seed into my oatmeal and sometimes I sprinkle it onto a salad. It has a great nutty flavor and you dont really even notice it much. I have heard that you should use the ground flax seed that is stored cold (like in the fridge). I think it is supposed to retain the nutrient better - or something like that. :)

  5. Truly Natalia - I was thinking the same thing myself - why do I 'waste' them at the end of the year instead of planning something fun with the kids??
    Thanks for the tip on the flax seed - I do know they must be chewed or 'ground' in order for the flax seed oil to be released into your body. Never considered Oatmeal and I love oatmeal!
    Robyn - awesome idea with applesauce, that way my kids are benefiting too! Thank you!

    Debbie and Cara - thanks for the compliments on the view. I love it too - especially as the seasons change and the leaves across the pond change color, drop off, then come back all green every spring!
    I promise, I never take it for granted. Its especially beautiful in the morning when the fog is lifting and the sun is coming up....

  6. Dachshund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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