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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new low - 204.5!

I've been sitting at 206 for a few weeks now and I'm happy that the scale has finally moved again.  Tight due to anxiety I'm feeling over trying to make the final decision to move or take severance with my job.  I'm being forced to make the decision sooner than I'd like - I need to decide by the end of this month - b/c one of the jobs and locations (of 2) I'm most interested in will post to the 'public' in January. 
Anyway - today I'm wearing a silk blouse that I've not worn in years b/c the mid-section and the boobs have always been way to tight to wear in public.   Its REALLY wonderful to have more options in my clothes.  I'm having to get really creative b/c I don't want to buy any new work clothes until I know for sure if I'm staying or going.    Today I'm going to take my team out to a really nice restaurant for lunch today for Christmas - so its really wonderful to be able to look nice in a beautiful new work blouse!
I'm getting stuck a lot more these last few days.  I'm a little embarassed to say that last night it began to happen and I needed to spit.  My 3 yr old saw an empty coffee cup on a table, handed it to me and said , "here, mom.  Spit in it"  in her tiny baby voice.  Oh my!


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