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Monday, July 4, 2011

NSV! 60 mins running without walking!!!

This is my little busy bee and husband across the table this morning at our favorite breakfast place. We can make a time wasting game out of stacking creamers!  Anything to keep her busy!

Not sure about you guys, but its pouring down rain here when we're supposed to be at a fireworks show at the beach.  We're not going b/c we planned to bike there and its just not happening in the rain tonight.

Anyway, about my NSV.....On Sunday, my running plan called for a long 60 min run at race goal pace.  My race goal pace is 12min per mile, which means that I plan to finish the 13.1 mile half marathon in 2 hours and 40 mins.  Well, on Sunday, I actually ran for 60 mins straight - without needing to stop and walk!!  I couldn't believe my legs and how strong I felt.  Often, I have a mental game with myself telling me to make it to that distant trash can or make it to "x" restaurant before I stop.  On Sunday I felt AMAZING!  I even checked my pace and I ran consistently at 11min30 sec mile pace - faster than goal!

I know the training is definitely helping me.  Remember, I couldn't run longer than 10 minutes without stopping!  You know how weak you are in the beginning of work out program that you've just begun?  How difficult it is and no one seems to understand or empathize exactly how hard it really is for you?  I feel like I'm getting past that now with running and its an incredible feeling.   I even complimented myself without realizing it - I thought to myself - "what strong and amazing legs I have that carried me this far and this long without pain or exhaustion."  Can you believe there was not a negative comment in my brain, but a compliment that came so effortlessly?  I know that running on the boardwalk with so many other people who are very old, or who have injuries, some even in wheelchairs out for a glimpse at the oceanfront early in the mornings make me appreciate the fact that I CAN move!  I think that each time I run past them and perhaps that's what brought that effortless positive thought about myself to my brain.  Or perhaps, it was just the fact that it was so FRICKIN AMAZING to me that I actually made it that far!!!  lol!

Had a nice weekend - pool party at a friends house.  Friday night out at the beach at a Tap House meant I got to try to some really great beers.  My favorite was a Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat ale.  It was smooth and fresh and great for a hot summer evening!  There was also a raspberry one that was fantastic.  This let me to purchase some Shocktop Raspberry ale and a Peach beer by Dogfish Head brewery.  The peach one was terrible, the Shocktop was ehhh, ok.  I think we'll definitely go back to that tap house and try new stuff.  They let you sample any and as many beers as you want and they have a lot of really unique ones.  Its a lot like wine tasting, actually, and I enjoyed it.  It was a lot of fun.

I have this last week before I start work on Monday....I'm going to have to really make this week great!  I hope to spend most of it on the beach!


  1. Wow! Great run! Good Luck with training for the half! I just started running too and am doing 12 min miles hoping to get to 11:30 soon. Looking forward to following you!

  2. What an inspiration!!!! Thanks!! =)

  3. Of course the running is an amazing nsv, but I'm even more impressed with the nsv of the self compliment! That is beyond amazing! We can all get ourself there physically, if we put the work in (not to discount all the very hard work you put in, and as how far you've come is amazing...) but getting there mentally can be so much more difficult, and that is so wonderful!

  4. What an accomplishment! Congrats!

  5. I am so impressed and amazed by you! You do have strong, healthy legs and lungs and heart that worked for you for a 60 minute run. I can do about 12 minutes :)

  6. If you like fruity beers, have you tried Lindemans's Framboise beer? it's deeeeelicious! Congrats on your TOTALLY AWESOME accomplishment! Running for 60 minutes without stopping is TOTALLY something to brag about!

  7. THAT IS AMAZING!! You are so unbelievably inspiring. I LOVE it!!


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