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Monday, July 11, 2011

Scale has said 186 for 2 days in a row now.. .

shhhh. I don't want to say it too loudly and scare it away.....today I woke up to a 2nd day at 186.0.  From here down its officially all new records for me weight-wise.  I haven't been in the 180's for almost 10 years.  Wow.  Is this really happening?   Just last Sunday- a week ago -  I was so frustrated b/c the stupid scale said 191 and now its 186?  Has to be crazy water weight combined with hopefully some actual fat loss!

I didn't run yesterday and today was supposed to be a rest day.  I've not run or exercised since Saturday's AWESOME 70 mins without stopping run!  And GEN if you're reading this, thanks for popping out of your sabbatical to shoot me some messages of encouragement.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you get the chance to come back soon because you're greatly missed!

Today was my first day on the job, thanks for the well wishes Christine!  It was really uneventful and LOOOONG.  I like my boss, like the people I'll be working with, like my new office, like my paycheck!  I don't like feeling like my day is gone and all night is spend preparing for the next work day.  I'm struggling fitting working out into my workday and today at work I was starving b/c I didn't preplan and bring anything healthy to eat or drink.  I had a salad at lunch and it just didn't tide me over and I was starving at 6pm on my drive home.  This is how I didn't lose any weight before.  I've lost 17lbs in 3 months - much of my progress was when I was out of work and had my whole day to eat and work out when my body wanted it/needed it.  Its so easy to see how you can stop listening to your body b/c you're busy at work and stuck on conference calls or stuck in a 'schedule' versus listening to your body.

I know when I was off, I didn't eat breakfast until about 11 am, lunch around 3pm and a late dinner made me feel best.  If I was going on an early run, I'd also eat toast/almond butter beforehand to help me with a long run.  I'm going to try to stick to this schedule and listen to my body.  My body definitely settled into its own rhythm since I was off and I don't want to lose that.  I don't want my work brain to take over my awareness/present moment brain which I tend to very easily to.  I make my body fit into my work schedule and not my work schedule around what I'm feeling.  I have the luxury to be able to do that and I'm going to take advantage of it!


  1. Yea! I'm glad your first day went well. It's so important to be prepared during the day - I do the worst on days I'm not prepared.

  2. I'm glad your first day went well! Now that you're starting a new job, it means you have to work very carefully the first 3 weeks to schedule healthy habits into your work day. Remember to schedule your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. (Healthy snacks!) Don't forget to schedule "smoke breaks"--that's when non-smokers like us put on our tennis shoes and take a brisk walk around the parking lot. It's crucial to get into good habits the first few weeks of work...those habits will carry you over for years, and the bad habits are really hard to break.

  3. Yay! That's awesome to be in a whole new weight category that you haven't seen in so long!

  4. Fabulous news!! I hope things go well at the new place. :)


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