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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clothes ARE changing - I can feel it!!

You all know how frustrated I've been because I'm doing all the right things by exercising consistently and eating right.  No changes on the scale, in fact it went up a few times, and no changes in my clothes.  I'm ok if the scale doesn't move as long as my clothes do!  I would love to think that all this running is making me replace fat with muscle, but the scale nor clothes haven't changed in 4 weeks.  And that's a long time!

Well, I put on my size 14 shorts last and they felt just a little lose.  So I put on my tighter 14's - and they fit me better than normal.  I tried on a few other tighter clothes and they don't feel as tight.  That's how I KNOW my size is changing and that makes me very happy!  Its very subtle, but its something!!I just had to report this to you guys!

You know, its not until I wrote this that I realized this what seems like an 'overnight' change in my clothes coincides with an emotional settling I've experienced in the last day.  I recently had a situation that I was able to come to peace with just recently in my own heart and mind - is it possible that our mental stress/situations can influence or physical weight loss?  I don't think so, but its a strange coincidence....

Also check out my last run over there to the left!  I ran yesterday morning on a really beautiful trail through a park at the beach.  I ran for 70 minutes without stopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That covered about 6.2 miles!  I'm half way through my training program for the Rock and Roll half marathon here in Virginia Beach in September and I'm so proud of my progress!  I've not given up and no injuries.  Usually, at this point, I give up or fail at eating well.  I've not done either and its so rewarding!!

I also have to tell you one strange NSV.  I know you all will understand.  I looked down to my left and caught a glimpse of my shoulder.  It looked so different because it looked like an actual shoulder meaning there was a front and a back to my shoulder - and not a big 'ol rounded bunch of flab that resembles a shoulder.  I know that sounds odd, but I couldn't stop looking at it.  I don't have pronounced shoulders or collar bones and I'm really thick through my boobs, upper back and shoulders.  This gave me such a glimmer of hope!

Oh!  One last thing to update you on "the guy." that you all gave such great advice on.  Well, my best friend, she didn't text him at first but then she decided that she really wanted to say her peace at the expense of losing her dignity. She said she didn't care and did it for her self, so she did.  She basically sent a kind text that said she 'got' the ended communication and that she appreciated the encounter and wished him well.  She said she said it much more eloquently and it made her feel more in control of the situation for herself.  She didn't want to leave him with the thought that she was heartbroken - she said she didn't want him to have that.  She felt by sending the text she was left with control for herself over it all.  Well, after about 15 days, he texted her back.  He apologized for the 'lack of communication' said he did it b/c his phone died and he turned off all media (facebook, tv, email, phone) to clear his head.  He said he appreciated her too and agreed with everything she said and ended his text with "life's a blessing and so is every type of relationship we have. I hope all is well with you my Galina (his nickname for her) - Blessings!"  Anyway, that is that and she feels much better she said.  She's also started dating 2 other guys - but she's still hung up on this one but is able to let it go b/c as I told her - he's just not that into her.   I don't think he's trying to get back in touch with her.  I think he just felt guilty and this allowed him to clear HIS conscience.  At least its all over for her and she can move on!

I start my new job tomorrow!  I'm excited but I'm also really focused on trying to figure out a way to make a solid impression and KEEP balance in  my life!  I want to be successful but also keep the things in my life that have brought me happiness like running, spending time at the beach, going out with friends, going out on the boat with my family - basically just making time for me and my family as a priority.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on the NSVs! It's so nice to see your clothes feeling looser when the scale is not moving!!

  2. Good luck with the new job today! I just know that you're going to do awesomely though!


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