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Sunday, July 17, 2011

First week at new job, ehhh...

Its been an interesting week.  I started my new job and spent most of the week with my VP.  It was only Friday that I was by myself and could take a breath.  Its going to be an interesting ride, that's for sure.  Lots to fix but that's also a lot of opportunity.  An interesting aspect of working for this company is that since it is French owned, the culture difference among company policies are going to be an issue. Specifically when it comes to pay practices, promotions, and pay equity.  Without boring you with details, it jacked up and needs to be leveled out among the workforce.  Anyway, I'm boring myself talking about it!  haha!

Right now, I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our Tahoe traveling home from Albemarle, NC.  (I just love using my cell phone as a MIFI hotspot that I can connect wirelessly to the Internet using my laptop - while we're driving - SO COOL!)   The kids spent the weekend with my in laws giving Mr. Coconut and I time alone.  We're pulling a new boat we just bought behind us home!  We've had the same boat since before we got married and have loved it, it was just time to get something new and easier to maintain.  We purchased one of those all white boats with the center console - that all you have to do is wash down and hose it off!  No fancy paint to fade in the sun, no fancy upholstery to have to replace, no carpet to replace.  Our old boat had all of that and while it was nice, we really wanted something that was just easy and a little bit bigger.  We bought it off a man who lives on the Currituck sound - the same one that connects the outer banks to the 'mainland'.  Its going to be fun and we're really going to enjoy this boat.  :)

I spent yesterday morning running SEVEN, yep, SEVEN!!! miles without stopping!  Woooooooooooot!  I'm adding about a mile a week and I feel really good.  I am constantly amazed that my legs can carry me that far and I'm not totally worn out.  I love the fact that my body is responding and is so strong and capable.   I got on the scale this morning and I weigh 187.  So I'm up a pound from last week, but I'm really liking that my thighs look more an more toned.  I went 4 days without running last week due to the new job - but I got myself out there Thursday night at 8:30 pm and ran for an hour and 10 mins because I KNEW I had to GET IT DONE!    Christine gave me some sage advice and said to get my exercise routine IN PLACE NOW and not wait.  She's so right!  I can already tell my eating habits are suffering.  I'm very busy this first week and I find myself eating when I have time vs. when I'm hungry.  I may have 4 hours of back to back meetings and I know if I don't eat at noon, I won't be eating for 4 hours.  That's what I'm working on.  I really learned my body's natural rhythm for eating and I like to eat at 11am and 3pm.   I've been eating at noon and then I'm starving at 3pm and want to eat all kinds of bad stuff!

I have found a gym that is not to far that I plan to go to during my lunch hour.  I am determined to take a lunch break!  I'm going to make it a priority!  I want to lose 10 lbs this month and its already the 17th!  I've only lost 3.  I'm going to start weight work next week when I join the new gym close to my work, maybe that will help me....


  1. You can always sneak out for a "smokers break" or even sneak a handful of almonds in when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. While a snack break CAN mean a brain-break (separating yourself from your desk and work) of course, it doesn't have to mean that! I'm actually eating a scoop of peanut butter at my desk while I type this, since I've been too busy to go outside today. But I still need my mid-afternoon pick-me up! Congrats on surviving your first week at work and awesome new boat! I love it! (Very jealous!)

  2. Your running is so inspirational to me. I love how you just get it done! I hope to get back to some running in the Fall when it isn't a billion degrees outside.

  3. 7 miles!!! Holy shit!!! You are gonna be my running hero!!


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