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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Set my alarm for 4:30am b/c the training schedule called for 5 miles today.  I'm exhausted mentally from the overwhelming load of new information and critical nature at my new job (8 days in) which I know is making me more physically tired.  I also have a looming Aug deadline for grad school work that I've fallen way behind in.  I'm saying all this to paint the picture as to why I didn't want to get up at 4:30a.m.  I am TIRED.  So I hit snooze a couple of times and lived in that half awake, have asleep state until I finally got my butt up around 5:20am.  I got dressed, went outside, and its so humid all my windows in my house are fogged up.  Seriously.  I realized I was never going to make it to the beach, spend the 60 mins I needed to run the 5 miles today and get back by 6:15am when my husband leaves for work.  UGH - the dilemma!

I ended up going back in the house and running on my treadmill.  I was feeling so un energetic that I only set my ipod for 30 mins b/c I really didn't think I could make it past that.  The first 20 mins just are hard, body feels heavy, my boobs are sore (pms?), blech.  After 20 mins, I'm feeling better, knees feel better, I feel smoothed out.  Running isn't hurting and my heart/lungs feel good.  So I keep going and get to my 5 miles in  60 mins.  NICE!  I was on my treadmill, in the AC, and I still SWEAT like crazy.  It actually made me feel accomplished.  I've noticed the more I run, the earlier in the run I'm sweating.  And I'm sweating more.   Wonder why that is?

Anyway - here I am - with my proud sweat.  No make up, making a silly face  (I'm just not that good at making serious faces), and my vitamin zero water, lemonade flavor.  Sweetened with stevia so there is no sugar/splenda either.  I'm hooked on this stuff.


  1. Awesome - it's that 20 minute wall I've talked about. Once you get past that you can do anything.

  2. I have read that as your metabolism increases you sweat more!! You would think the fatter you are the more you sweat...but even at my heaviest (329 pounds) I NEVER sweated (I don't think that is the proper past tense...but I'm going with it) and now a 222 I sweat like a pig when I run...but it feels good!! Endorphins should be bottled and sold!!!

  3. I have found that too - the more I work out - the easier the workouts become to get through the more I sweat. It's actually a measure of where I am in my "getting back into working out" journey I have taken from time to time. I really love Jessica's thought that you sweat more as your metabolism increases - I'm totally going with that as the reason!!

  4. I like Vitamin Water Zero, but I LOVE Sobe Zero. Just flavor preferences probably. I don't think you are set up to let me respond to your comment, so I wanted to tell you that I will definitely post more about the Paleo book once I read it. Also, I love my Bugg. When the scale isn't moving, it gives me encouragement that I know I'm doing the right thing and to keep on track.

    Way to kick those 5 miles ass! (If miles had asses.)

  5. I don't know how you get up that early! Good for you for getting your workout on! I'll have to try that vitamin water, it sounds good!

  6. Great Job! I always have a hard time with the first mile - feels like torture and I want to give up but then something kicks in and gets easier.

  7. so going to have to try that vitamin water!!

  8. I didn't have my email linked to my comments either until I read a great post from Draz. I copied some of it for you here:

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  9. 4:30am. I could never do it. Ever! So impressed.

  10. I just sent you an email to your yahoo account! We're totally excited!!


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