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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I wore Wednesday! Idea for blog post

I'm thinking about posting 'what I wore' on Wednesday every week.  As I'm losing the weight, I'm enjoying wearing new things and liking how I look in them.  I always love the pics your posts so I thought I'd start tomorrow and post "what I wore" that day.

 This is my little busy bee underwater!
 This is me and my little busy bee on our pool day!
This is me and Mr Coconuts - doing shots - ugh.

I went to go run this afternoon - at the track- and they flipping cancelled it after I nearly broke my neck to get there.  Would have been nice for them to let me know!  Not sure where the communication breakdown was but I had to drive a long way to get there and now I'm not getting my work out in.  I'm losing my grip on my workout schedule and need to get a grip quick!  I also am eating MUCH MORE now that I am back at work.  I KNOW its stress eating.  I have loaded up the freezer at work with green giant steamers and greek yogurt.  I just can't seem to STOP eating.  So crazy that I'm aware of it and my behavior has changed since returning to work.  Its a work in progress and I'm going to figure this out and fix it.  Not exactly sure how yet...but I'm going to!!


  1. first of all - OMG you are friggin' beautiful!!! I mean I knew that, but holy hell you're pretty!!

    2nd - your busy little bee is just as cute as she can possibly be - she totally takes after her mama!

    3rd - the first step in solving any problem is identifying - so you're part of the way there!!! I have complete confidence you'll be able to figure it out.

  2. Your comment on my blog brought me to uncontrolable tears.. My daughters hate me for dating.. thank you for writing what you did, I hope they read your comment.. you are such a kind and caring person.. hugs

  3. You are so pretty!! :) I'm glad you are getting some inspiration from me because you inspire me ALL the time!

  4. You are beautiful!! I mean...gorgeous. Your daughter is a model in the making.

    I'm sure you will get your eating under control as soon as you adjust now that you are back at work. The wonderful thing is you have acknowledge the problem.

  5. THanks so much for the confidence boost! You all are too kind - it made me feel really good and I kind of need it right now. Been feeling kinda blah and yucky lately - so thank you for giving a girl a boost!

  6. Love the picture of you with you daughter and any picture with a shot is nice too!
    What I wore Wednesday is a great idea too. I might join you if I ever remember to carry my camera around. My phone is awful for pictures.

    Just wait, you'll get in to the swing of things and the stress will start to fade a bit. Some weeks I am hungry all the time. Then others not so much. Work is always a bad place for me because there is always tasty bad things around!

    I would be interested in your running training. I am right at the beginning of trying this running stuff out. I posted that I didn't like it and Dinnerland gave me some advice.

    Were you ever a runner before or is this a new found love?

  7. You look amazing! I eat more when I am working too - it is a problem. Always something lurking around my desk.....I know you will not lose the workout mojo, you have done so well!

  8. You're gorgeous and you're working it hard-- even with the stress eating. I will look forward to your Wednesday posts- great idea!

  9. I love this idea! I love pictures and seeing what other people are wearing! :) You look great!


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