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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hadn't tried to lose, got my (.) and lost 2 lbs, go figure....

Today is my dear first born's birthday.  Its late, I'm tired, but wanted to post real quick.  It went well - I bought all the food and didn't cook a thing!  I'll post pics but wanted to say 2 things.  I lost 2 lbs without trying (what the Hell?)  and I wore pants today that were my 'skinny' tight pants 6 mos ago.  They're too big in the waist now and I kept having to pull them up.  niiiice. feeling!


  1. You have to love losing without trying. Glad the party went well.

  2. Awe, happy birthday to you first born!

    Glad you're seeing some progress!!

  3. Great!!!! Have a wonderful time celebrating with the 1st born!

  4. YAY! since we've been running neck and neck I'll be looking for my 2 lb loss too :)
    That is great!

  5. Hey! How are things? long time no post (same for me) Just checking in on you

  6. It was such a sweet surprise to find you checked on me! that meant a lot to me, thank you. I've ducked out completely for the last 2 mos - I'm fine - I just wanted to see what would happen if I totally dropped the focus on this whole process and let happen whatever happens.....all is good.


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