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Friday, April 23, 2010

Was going well, jumping back on...

The business of this week got away from me and resulted in my eating off plan and not working out.  I've really been doing great, so I'm not sure why I allowed it to happen.  Well, I'm going back on plan and going to enjoy the benefits of exercise.  I'm more tired when I get home from work when I'm not walking/running so that's incentive enough to get going again!  I also connected with my personal trainer again, so I know her schedule and I can go after work a few times a week.  Baseball games after work, baseball practice 2x per week after work have been making it hard.  I just need to plan and re-adjust my schedule to fit it in!
I've also been feeling really hungry in the mornings and at about 3pm.  I'm starving when I get home and I eat too fast and the wrong things.  Its strange to have that hunger/desperation feeling back.  So I know that means I need a fill.  Fills cost me $150 so I take them seriously!  I'm not losing, I'm eating bigger portion sizes, so I know its time!  I have a band that can only be filled to 4ccs, Its a 10cm circumference band that holds 4ccs of saline volume.  Anyone else out there like me?  It sounds like most of you have the larger bands that can hold 10ccs of volume.  I've only had 2 fills and I currently have 2.2ccs in my 4cc band.  I'm really torn because I know I only need and want a very small fill but I think it will kick start what I need to get this weight loss moving again.  I've stalled and am doing all the right things exercising, eating whole protein, etc.   Before 11am, I can't even eat a full cup of raisin bran.  Around 12-1pm, my band opens up and I can eat pretty much as much as I want of anything - some days I feel more restricted than others.  At night when I get home, I can eat ANYTHING I want and as much as I want.  I wish my restriction was a little more constant throughout the day.  I say this b/c getting a small fill is going to fix the evening hunger and ability to eat anything - but it will likely mean I will have a really tough time eating - I probably won't be able to eat anything but a protein shake for bfast and then a very small amount of protein for lunch.  I'm 206 today so I'm still bouncing around the same pounds for the last few months.  I know that I need to do this if I want to make this happen.  I'm going to make the appointment today........
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  My husbands dad has been tied up out of the country -he's flying in today finally after being delayed a week because of the Volcano in Iceland.  He's making it just in time for my son's birthday tomorrow.  They are all going out on a head boat fishing - so my poor father in law is going to be dog tired tomorrow!  But I know he's glad to be back!  I'll be so busy this weekend cleaning and getting ready for the party tomorrow.  At least I weigh 30 lbs less for his birthday this year than I did last year! :)


  1. Its nice that he can make it for your son's bday! I forgot to ask my dr. how much it holds, but I think mine is 10cc's.

    30lbs less is huge!!

  2. I think a fill is just what you need. I think most of us are tighter in the AM, but I'm willing to live with that if I can have my evenings controlled. I know my little fill a few weeks ago kicked me out of my snails pace of weight loss.

  3. It sounds like you're due for a touch up in the fill department. And hey 30 lbs less than this time last year? Rocking!!


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