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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving down finally from this Easter weight gain

The scale is moving down, thank goodness, from the 5lbs I gained Easter week.  I'm down to 206 this morning - which is only 2lbs away from the 204 I was at 2 weeks ago.  I've been eating less (and avoiding chocolate) and decided to take it easy on myself working out.  I'm walking and doing shorting jogging stints - only because I was getting a really sore lower back from pushing myself to run.  I am enjoying the exercising more and at least I'm doing something!  I want to have a more positive experience from exercise - not just push myself hard and then be sore all day and night.  I'm also working hard to get 4 bottles of water in. 
I have a big work function in Washington DC the first week in May.  I really wanted to be below 200 at the point and wear some of my really nice suits since this is a very high brow event that include award dinners and workshops during the day.  I plan to go up a day early with my great friends that are also my co-workers and shop at Tyson's corner and Potomic Mills.  I really wanted to be in the 190's by now and wear my very nice expensive outfits that I still don't fit into.  I also know that its 2 weeks away and I'm not going to put that pressure on myself.
Are deadlines good?  Are they goals or are they unnecessary pressure?  Goals with time lines are good in real life - but are they really good when it comes to weight loss?  I'm not sure. 
I've really put a lot of pressure on myself and felt a lot of resentment because of weight goals.  For example, the one year mark of having the band.  I know its great for some - but for others like me, I just felt disappointed that I wasn't further along and progressing as well as I'd hoped.  Based off all I had read, it seemed like I understood that after 1 year - you've pretty much lost all that you're going to.  I even read studies in medical journals that asserted this.  I'm learning, however, from reading your blogs and your journeys - that this isn't the case!    So, I'm going to go through my own journey - at my own pace.  And I'm going to try to stop imagining myself at a certain weight in a certain month at a specific event!  I'm going to appreciate where I am !


  1. I'm glad you're going down in a bit - I have to say I really thought I'd have 100 pounds off by my 1 year mark and I don't see that happening, but I'm proud of what I've done.
    Let me know if you have any interesting in meeting up when your in DC in May. I live in MD about 30 minutes from DC.

  2. Yay for the exercise! I think that idea that you lose all you can the first year is totally wrong. I have read the opposite in my Lap Band books - something like you lose 60% the first year and the rest the next 2 years.

    I hate deadlines when it comes to weight loss. It just does not work for me. Some people like them.

    But who cares about a couple pounds from 199 - you are so close and I am sure you are going to look great at that conference! Don't pressure yourself!

  3. I think you should try those suites on because if they'll fit at 199, they'll probably fit at 206 too. You are such an inspiration and are doing so well! Keep it up!

  4. Hey Linda - thanks! I'll send you a message separately!
    Gen - I tried to email you but I'm no sure it worked. Not sure if its best to repsond to comments on my blog or directly to that person. Anyway - the exercise IS really working out better since I'm taking it a little easier on myself and being ok with it! :) And thanks for sharing what you read - I'd be VERY happy with 60% now and the rest over the next 2 years!! IT makes sense anyway - as you get into the lower ranges we should lose it a little more slowly. At least that makes me feel better so I'm sticking with it! LOL!
    Amanda - the suits are 14's and they're just that sort of - a little to tight to look ok or wear in public. So I"d probably need to be more like 190 vs. 199 to fit them. thanks for the kind words - I sure don't feel like an inspiration!! I feel like the very very slow achiever. :)


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