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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Question - how do you respond/manage comments on your blog?

Lost another .5 yesterday, so I'm at 205.5 today.  I'm really happy about that!  I've been focused on getting the 45 mins of walking (and jogging for short periods only if I feel like it) and that has gone well!  I've reconnected with my personal trainer and will start going next week for 2 days/week.  I've been at this weight before, only I was 'smaller' size-wise at this weight before.  Why?  Its because the last time I lost this weight, I did it working out with a trainer 3x per week and running regularly.  I did a lot of weights also.  I was much more toned and therefore smaller.  Especially when it comes to my middle and my legs.  So I'll continue my cardio - but I just need to get the resistance training and all the ab/squat work in so I can tone myself up a bit.  Shorts season is here and I'm NOT ready! LOL. 
I have a question I'd really like some feedback on - how do you guys manage the blogs you read and how do you respond to them? 
Do you read your posts though an email feed and then respond individually and directly to the posts via email? 
Or do you just respond on your own blog?  I have always responded to MUCH appreciated comments on my blog itself.  But what do you all do?
I also comment on your blogs, of course, but only about your topic, of course.
I guess I just appreciate the words of advice so much and want to make sure you all know that and by responding on my blog alone - I'm not sure you guys see that or get my responses.
I also just changed the setting so I can see comments immediately by blogger kicking off an email to me which I see with my cell phone.
I have blogger reader set up, but I can't access it from work, only from home which is a small window of time in the evening.
Looking forward to finding out what you do so I can learn yet again from all you great women!!   


  1. I didn't realize there were so many ways to access the comments, so I am glad you asked the question.

    I usually respond within the response threads, but sometimes I will go to the postes site and answer specific questions. It really becomes a time management issue.. some days I can get to them all and other days not so much..

  2. I usually use blogger reader to do a run through and then go back to the blogs that I need to comment on. I try to cycle through all my blogs.

    You, missy, are doing great! You remind me of The little engine that could! When I first started reading your blog, you had just started to recommit to exercise and you are following through and losing the weight.

    I am 3 weeks out from surgery and haven't lost anything in 2 weeks. I have recommitted to exercise today in order to pump up the output. I cannot wait for a fill!!!!

  3. oh, tough question! I never know what to do and it is so hard to feel like I am doing a good job keeping up!
    If it is a direct question I try to go to their blog and answer in the most recent posts comments...but I fail at this ALOT!
    It is funny you posted this because your blog is one of the ones I feel like I've failed the most at replying to! Your comments are always so great and appreciated and we are running neck in neck in our weight and stalls in loss... BUT every time I read a new post of yours it seems to be either from my blackberry and I can't reply or I am at work and have to ....well, go back to work UGH So I tell myself I will go back and comment more appropriately but then I get behind and ....excuses, excuses! So, I apologize. I really look forward to your posts and was so glad you returned after the brief break :)
    I'm so glad the scale is moving for you again and your work outs sound amazing! I am just now allowed to move freely again so I need to start something....because I really want to wear a pair of shorts, in public, this Summer! time will tell!
    enjoy your weekend and again... I love your posts and comments :)

  4. I usually read everything, and then if I have an opinion, or if I have something I think is meaningful to share, then I comment...otherwise, I don't, but I do check in every day and read pretty much everything. I'm a pretty addicted follower :)

  5. I can't figure it out. I try to comment on the blogs of those who have commented on mine, and I read as much as I can, but I feel like I can never keep up! Good question!

  6. I read the comments when they come to my email. Then, I respond on my blog. Sometimes though if I really want to make sure they get my response, I go to their blog. Just to be safe.

  7. I get my comments via email - that helps. I used comment back on my blog, but now I tend to go the other persons blog and answer. I wish blogger would develop a way to notify someone you commented. Keep it up this week!

  8. I have all the comments come to my email and then respond on my blog. I also read the blogs on reader and then pull up the ones I want to/have time to respond to. I always feel badly when I can't comment on all the blogs I've read.


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