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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still 205.5

Well, I hopped on the scale again today and its still reading 205.5.  I sort of feel like that giant chocolate Easter egg up there!  (That's real Belgian chocolate - it took 26 craftsmen 525 hours to complete it - and they used over 50,000 chocolate bars!) 
I've consumed more calories in hopes of jump starting my body since I've been calorie restricting it  and it doesn't seem to have worked. I really don't understand it.  I know going from no working out at all to 5x per week is a lot.  But I knew it was what I needed to kick start my metabolism.  I know that I am doing all the right things.  My period is now over.   I was watching the sodium closely.  Its crazy!!  Its strange to me how the scale really did  move at first but now it isn't.  I was 207-208-209 and am down to 205.5.  But maybe I'm going to be one of those people who loose nothing, then lose more pounds than average in one fell swoop.  Its almost like this 200 lb threshold that I've not crossed in YEARS - since before I had my son 8 years ago - is just a set point that is going take some major shaking up to move past!  Well, I'm not giving up and thinks simply HAVE to change if I do this long enough.  I didn't work out again yesteraday and I ate more than I should.  I gave myself permission to say SCREW IT for 2 days. 
Today is the big Easter family get together out in the country.  We have to drive an hour from here to go to my Aunt's farm.  She has horses and all kinds of animals that the kids always love seeing.  Its a perfect setting for an Easter Egg hunt.  I have no idea what I'm going to wear.  I wanted to 'feel' like I looked fabulous - and thinner - but I really wanted to see the number 200 on the scale or close to it to feel that way.  I know I shouldn't let the scale make me feel that way - but I can't help it right now! I'm disappointed I didn't make the goal I'd set for myself.  Regardless, I'll take plenty of pictures and share with with you all!  I hope you all have a beautiful EASTER and your weather is as beautiful as it is here!!! 


  1. Have a great Easter! I'm sure you do look fabulous.

  2. I love that picture. THey should hire me to see how fast I could eat that thing. I'm sure you look great - you're doing great and pretty soon the scale will move.

  3. Drink 100 ounces of water today and see if that does anything...not sure if you already do this, but I find when I plateau if I drink a ton of water, the scale will move a bit. Good luck!!


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