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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a beautiful day

I'm eating a clean and healthy salad on the deck while the sun shines down on me.  Its chicken, kalamata olives, lettuce, feta and avocado.  I used a new salad dressing which I'm really liking  a lot.  I don't often find a dressing that I like a lot that's not terrible calorie and sugar wise.  Its "Greek Vinaigrette" by Kraft.  I also have used it when grilling or baking fish - its a fantastic marinade.  I'm also drinking this....
In an 8oz serving, it provides 100% of 12 vitamins.  I does have 26g of sugar, however.  I got it from Trader Joe's yesterday and it just tastes so refreshing with the bonus of all the vitamins too. 
I ate out every single day last week with friends at work.  I feel guilty about that b/c I usually use my lunch break to workout- and so I slacked on that last week.  The scale reflects my bad habits and I've actually gained weight.  Its the chocolate and lack of discipline!  So, I need to re-direct myself.  And I want to.  I'm going to run/walk this evening and get my butt back on track.  I have headaches for 2 days now - and I swear I think its the extra sugar and the lack of working out.
I'm also sitting here reading my latest issue of Clean Eating magazine.  I'm not sure if any of you subscribe - its centered around eating whole foods and its recipes are geared toward fewer ingredients (less complicated and time consuming) and towards using fresh or frozen ingredients vs. canned or processed.    And no, I still don't know how you make leftovers......sexy.  LOL!  Maybe by putting the word 'sex' on the cover of a food magazine, they thought they might sell a few more......
I don't often get to sit down, eat, AND read a magazine.  My 3 year old has been wearing my down with constant spills, messes, and constant TALKING.  Non-stop talking......anyway, like I said, its a beautiful day!
I stepped inside to type this up on the computer and and out the window see Hubby is trying to figure out how to throw a casting net so that he can teach our son.  My son wants to learn to do it so he can catch minnows for bait.  My son fishes constantly!   What's hilarious to me is that all my dear hubby is really making  - is a big 'ol tangled mess!
Do you see the frustration?  Its too funny.  At least from the inside looking out.  He'd kill me if he knew I was taking pictures of him....
Well, I hope all you girls have a wonderful weekend too!


  1. RC love those candid shots.. I have a hilarious one of my DH after he had a hefty day of yard work (one of my favorite and he hates it). Love the idea of clean eating, I have followed a couple of websites but didn't realize they had a magazine (but why wouldn't they!!)... we've got some great stores (WHOLE FOODS, WEGMAN'S AND TRADER JOE'S)to help us with better food choices (what a difference from 10-15 years ago). Keep up the good work.

  2. Your salad looks good. I had a salad for the first time since banding last week and it was sooo good. Not sure why I made them off limits.
    I'll have to look for that drink at TJ's. I was just there yesterday and found these chicken breast patties that hopefully are good - because they'd be good for work lunches. I'll post if they are.


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