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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking for the best place to track my calories

I've tried Myplate on Livestrong.com, Caloriecount.com, and Loseit.com.  I've found that the food on MyPlate and Caloriecount seem easier to call up than on loseit.  But I like the reports and organization of Loseit.  I especially like the daily or weekly email option on Loseit.  The problem with Livestrong's MyPlate is that there is a $45 'upgrade' for some customizations like targeting specific goals for nutrients and no advertisements.

What do you all use?  Do you have  a preference for one for a particular reason?  I'd love to know.

I scheduled my fill for Monday, Jan 10th.  It was the first avail appointment so I took it.  It will cost me $110 as usual through Fill USA which is who my doctor goes through.  I really like her a lot and while I hear a lot of horror stories about getting a fill - with her its a breeze.  I've never been stuck more than once.   I'm excited and trying to plan as nutritious a meal plan as possible for the weeks following it.   I like my Premier Protein shakes and greek yogurt to help get me 32g and 14g of protein respectively.  I can also get in another 9g of protein for about 100 cal in some skim milk.  I plan to get those three things in daily and would cover 55g of protein.  That leaves lunch and dinner to be vegetables and whatever else.  I'm going to challenge myself to avoid pasta and  I'm sure bread will be off limits (not possible to eat).  I know I'll be making a lot of soups so I'll be scouring your blogs for recipes!


  1. I personally like myfitnesspal.com (and it is free!)

  2. I read the labels on foods and use a new post-it note each day...nothing fancy...it works :) Occasionally I will look things up on CalorieKing.com.


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