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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have opposite body dysmorphic disorder...

You know how everyone typically thinks they are bigger than they actually are?  I think I'm the opposite.  You see, my son got a Kinect game console - its like a Wii only you don't have to hold those things in your hand to play b/c it auto-detects you.  It does this using a small camera on the front.  Anyway, we also got an exercise 'game' which is pretty neat.  It does yoga, cardio workouts, and other 'games' to get you moving.  I played it today and the thing also displays a live image of you working out and corrects your form as you move through the workouts.  Well, let me tell you, my 'image' reflected back at me was NOT pleasant to look at!  I had one of those moments where I thought - is that what I look like to other people?  Wow.  I honestly thought I was 'smaller' than that.  That I really didn't look 'that' bad.  I think I'm smaller than I actually am - that's opposite body dysmorphic disorder!  I really need to get moving on losing this weight.  Yuck.  I didn't like my reflection.

I definitely felt muscle fatigue from that workout.  I felt out of shape when I went snowboarding last week also.  I am not strong - and I want to be!  You know when you get so sick of yourself you do something about it?  Well, I'm there... and I'm going to do something about it.


  1. OMG we got the Kinect - I had no idea it has a live image of you working out on that game! We don't have that particular game yet - now I am afraid but intrigued!

    This is how it goes in my house - the kids immediately figured out that when the Kinect takes pictures during a game they can moon the camera and see their butts on screen. Seriously, it took them like 2 hours to figure that out.

    You can get strong! I know you can do it. We both can!

  2. so many of us on the blogs feel the same way...I always felt I looked thinner than I really did. I do think now it has changed but I really just don't trust my view now at all. I think it is as common as the other one where people see themselves bigger than they really are.


  3. hey! i'm a newbie follower! i'm enjoying reading your blog. i've also thought about getting the kinnect....but having to see my reflection....arghhhh!!!! so not ready for that!


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