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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas on the Potomac - last weekend's trip

I'm going skiing tomorrow at Wintergreen resort so I'm in a chilly kind of mood.  I've broken out my ski jacket and such and I'm feeling frumpy b/c its simply not the most flattering coat.  I look like a big yellow blob.  Today I tried to stay under 1000 and found myself unsuccessful.  I had:
Breakfast:  Starbux coffee
Snack: nothing
Lunch: Korma chicken, rice, peas (2 cups)
Snack: Snyders pretzels
Dinner:  Potstickers, a few french fries
Snack again b/c I wanted something sweet:  3 bagel chips with light cream cheese. *This is what put me over the top. :(  I also realized I was hungry most of the day.  I'm in definite need of a fill.
I finalized all my paperwork for my MBA, I'll begin 1/1/11.  That seems like a very lucky date - doesn't it?  It will be interesting b/c  a lot of the content is self paced/self learner type.  I'm looking forward to it - thank you to everyone for the well wishes.

This is a picture of me and the Negotiator.  The four of us and my mom and her husband went to the Gaylord Hotel in DC/Maryland for their Ice sculpture display.  The theme was "The Grinch" and the display was pretty amazing.  It includes 21 million pounds of colored and carved ice.  You walk through room after room of ice displays.  Its maintained at 9 degrees - so cold!  They actually give you the blue parka's you see us both dressed in because its so cold inside!  We all got to see the sculptures as well as some original Dr. Seuss art!  Additionally, the Gaylord was decorated so beautifully.  I enjoyed hot chocolate with buttershots in mine! It was a really nice weekend...here are few shots of the ice sculptures:


  1. That looks amazing, would love to see it.

  2. WOW - we were just talking about going to the Gaylord for that - it sounds amazing. We're between DC & Baltimore in Maryland. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. We have a Gaylord in Orlando and we tried to get there this year but it doesnt look like it will happen. Maybe next year. The pics are amazing! Enjoy your ski day tomorrow!

  4. What awesome pics, seems like a great adventure! Have fun skiing! Thanks again for your comments lately, you've really made me smile :)


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