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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Doubt began to creep in until I read this

 I've been reading all my favorite WL blogs and discovering some new ones.  I went on LBT last night also and began reading all the studies that the 2 year mark is generally the end of the road for all the weight you're going to lose.  I got the feeling that I'd read a little too much and the doubts began to creep into my mind.  What if I really am a failure with this band?  I am an emotional eater, what if I don't do the hard work to get this thing working again?  Then I read this:  "Losing weight with the lapband is a re-normalizing process. It is not like dieting. There are no good and bad foods. There is no success and failure. There is a pathway. It might wind a bit. It may have some ups and then downs. It might seem long and frustrating at times but the band is there..waiting. Waiting for the time when you are ready to use it and change the little things that add up to big things that add up to success. It is funny really I was all worried about what goal would mean and really I was already here all along. doing the best I can do to eat healthily and enjoyably and exercise so I can continue to enjoy everything that started me on this path and think of new and exciting things to try out."  WOW.  That's exactly right.  That's from Tina's weightloss blog whom I found through Dinnerland.  Thank you Tina.  I will save that and read it over and over.  The band is there waiting for the time when you are ready to use it.  Its not hopeless, its full of hope (and full of saline soon! wink!).
Today, Sunday, I will enjoy at home.  I'll clean the house and wrap presents.  I'm going to hop on the treadmill and hook up my NikePlus and get some exercise in.  I'm also going to enjoy some time with my husband and hopefully enjoy an afternoon 'nap' with him. :)  Its so busy with the kids these days its gets so difficult to fit those 'connections' in.  I know for sure when we do fit 'naps' into our schedule, we're both happier (well, duh, of course he is) but I'm happier too b/c I feel closer to him.  The week just goes better somehow.  Haha!  I never thought I'd feel that way about it but I sure do!


  1. I hope you have a great day with your hubby. It is hard to make that time together. I love Tina's blog too - she is a great example of slow & steady will get you to goal.

  2. I think Tina hit right on the nail. She has done an awesome job and obviously knows what she is talking about. She is a good one to follow. Enjoy your time with the hubbs..... mine is still working out of town ;-(

  3. Well thank you :) I blog for myself but do hope some of my stupid ramblings help someone else and I am glad that particular one helped you. I know you can do it.


  4. Yes, Tina put it very nicely in that post. She is an inspiration to us all :)


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