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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stress eating yesterday

I was feeling especially stressed last night - and I recognized it.  But I couldn't STOP MYSELF!  Busybee and I made cookies (see her below mixing 'em up) and I ate a LOT of them.  I hated how I felt and I think all the sugar from the chocolate I was eating gave me a bad headache.  I felt unhealthy and like a failure.  I've since forgiven myself, packed my workout bag, and got my butt back on track.

I'm dealing with the stress over my job loss.  I'm trying to decide if I should take my 1 year's pay severance and then stay out of work for a year and collect unemployment ($19000/yr in VA).  I'm the main breadwinner in my family and we could make it but it would be tight, of course.  In our family - like most-  we would need 2 incomes to live comfortably, continue to stay debt free and stay on track with our long term savings plan.  

The other option is to apply for a job doing back office reporting locally for the Sales operations team - give up my severance pkg - but also take a 20% pay cut which we could easily afford.  Plus I get to keep my 6 weeks vacation (I've been there 18 years remember?) my 4% matching 401K.  

Do I take a year off - live tightly but enjoy a year with my kids and sock my severance into savings?  I could go back to work in a year - the city offices are 10 mins from my house but I'd likely earn only about 40K a year b/c its a city job.  Practically NO commute.  Or do I give that up - and go work in a easy (unchallenging but wouldn't that be nice for a change?) job?   In that job I'd get maxed out in that pay level because I make so much more than that job pays - it is more than someone should really earn for doing that job in all honesty - but if they're going to pay someone - pay me! :)    I figure if its an easy job it frees my brain up for planning excursions with my family and puts me home and with my kids in these very important years.

Are you guys sick of hearing about my job woes?  I'm sorry if its annoying.  I value your opinions, your own experiences and your thoughts,  That's why I'm trying to provide as much detail as I can.

I totally screwed up eating yesterday.  But today, I've had coffee for bfast.  I just can't eat more than that in the a.m.  For lunch I'm going to eat a half a tuna fish sandwich and some fruit.  I'm going to make some chicken noodle (whole wheat) soup with a lot of great veggies (carrots, onions, celery) with Trader Joe's organic chicken stock.  Have any of you used this stock before?  I've tried A LOT of them and this one is hands down the most depth of flavor.  If you haven't used it before -try it!  Its actually cheaper than most stocks out there.  I'm also drinking as much water as I can today and I've signing up for a boot camp.   I'm also going to back to my personal trainer 2x per week.  I'm going to release some of this stress through EXERCISE!


  1. Honestly.. do you have to make a decision today.. I would setup a sheet.. one column pros and one column cons.
    And write this stuff out that you are struggling with.. each day visit that list and put a check mark next to the things that are really important to you.. if you dont need to make a decision right away.. do this for the next few weeks.. then go back and look at what you have checked off .. you will have evaluated this at different timepoints, in different frame of minds and be able to look at what is really important to you. This may or may not help.. but you know where I am coming from.. live in the moment.. get the memories.. cause there is no second chance at memories.. be well and hugs

  2. Sounds like a great food/exercise plan!

    Making decisions is hard. I wish you luck with this one!

  3. Hi! I saw you over in the BOOBs forum and came over for a visit. :)

    Barbara is so right on. If you are able to wait to make the decision, you can use that time to evaluate more. We have gone through several of these situations at my company and the one thing I have found is that the people who take control over their situation seem to be much happier than those who let others controle them. Make sure you do what YOU want and feel is right. Best of luck!!


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