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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday meeting with a VP from another company

As you all know, I'm in the process of leaving my current company that I've worked for, for about 18 years now.  I received a call from a VP at an outsourcer who received my resume through someone that I work with intermittently now as I'm transitioning a particular customer base she's in charge of.  (I'm trying to explain this without being terribly specific - this IS the Internet and I have a few fears about security)  Anyway - her husband is the new CEO of this existing company that is growing and plans to continue to grow.   Since she knows my work, she was kind enough to 'pass my resume along.'   So this Friday, I'm meeting with this VP who looking for "new leadership" in his company.  One small part of this company is local which is why I'm interested.  I'm curious about what he's really looking for, I'm curious what the job would be, curious about the pay, curious about the whole deal.

So wish me luck on Friday - I'll keep you posted on how things turn out.  I've never had a 'lunch' meeting with a VP over a job before.  I get to pretend I'm a big girl!  So I better make sure I put my big girl panties on that day! LOL....


  1. That sounds great!!! Wishing you the best of luck and can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Good luck! It all sounds very promising :)


  3. Knock em dead.. you are confident.. you are strong.. YOU ARE BANDED!!! go forth and show them what you got girl!!

  4. Good luck, I am sure you will do wonderfully! So have you left your current role yet, or are you still working full time? I am in a similar boat (work full time, 3 kids, etc...) and curious how the transtion is/was.

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