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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm happy to have my eating under control!

Today, I didn't want breakfast, so I had my starbucks coffee for breakfast.  I had sushi, 1/4 cup of salad, and 2 tempura shrimp for lunch along with some Hot green tea.  For dinner, I was getting a little hungry, but ate 4 small home made chocolate chip cookies along with a glass of milk and I'm feeling fine.  Normally, I'd eat dinner with the family b/c,  you know, its dinnerTIME.  So its TIME to eat, right?  Wrong!  Wrong way to think.   I'm trying my new approach to see how LITTLE I can eat with the band, so how little can I eat?  I'm happy with the cookies and milk!  I don't need to eat dinner with the family.   Its definitely not my best choice, but if I just leave it at this - I've not destroyed my day calorie wise, I got what I wanted, and I'm not buying into the notion I have to eat b/c its "time" to eat.

When I say I'm gaining control of my eating, this is how I'm doing it.

So, I'm still walking with a little bit of running worked in.  I'm increasing my running very, very slowly.  I'm going to get some movement on the scale as soon as I incorporate something extra like Zumba or boot camp into the mix.  I just need to find the time to do that now! And I WILL!  Gotta get ready for the bahamas in June! 


  1. Wow, great post, thanks for the ideas

  2. Great approach! I haven't had dinner yet and I was thinking the same thing - what do I really want and how many calories is it rather than eating dinner and then still wanting something. But I think what I want is dinner :) I am a foodie rather than a sweets person - but I have been tempted lately by chocolate.

  3. Excellent! Not eating just because its "time" to eat is huge. And I am all for cookies for dinner!

  4. boy!-that "time" thing is a hard habit to break! i am soooo with you on that one. and also i've started running too...i NEVER woulda thought it... keep up the good work!


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