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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was offered the job

I had another meeting yesterday with the VP.  He wanted to meet with me again on a Saturday when there were minimal people in the building.  I toured the facility, had more discussion on the leadership needed there, the organizational structure, blah, blah, blah.  Then he came out with it, explained that I was his best candidate, what he liked about me and what he thought I could do there.  He even confessed to meeting with my co-worker after I brought her up.  He said he liked her also but that I was the front runner in his mind.  Its nice to hear that, just because, you know, it just IS nice to hear a compliment about your professional work.  He then offered me the Operations Director job which is technically a promotion from what I'm doing now.  He said I could build my staff which could include hiring my AWESOME co-worker.  I had mentioned many complimentary things about her and he laughed and said she said the same about me.  He said clearly we were a good team (and we are!).

Then I launched into the issue with my severance.  Since you guys don't know where I work, I'll share with you that I have what I know is a substantial severance package b/c I've been with the company for 18 years:  my package is one year's salary.   Now,  get this.....he needs someone in March.  I explained my current job doesn't end until June.  He actually wants me to quit my job 2 months before it ends and give up a year's salary.   Really?  I mean, reeaaallllly? 

He's given me a few days to make a decision.  I made my decision before I walked out the door.  No.  Thank you.  

I'm going to have to formulate my 'professional' response and I'll do that and call him on Tue or Wed of next week.

Hubs and I had a WONDERFUL 2 days without the kidlets!  They went skiing/snow tubing with their aunt and grandma and Mr Coconut and I had shrimp and beer at our favorite local dive on the inlet in the afternoon - it was BEE-YOU-TI-FUL and 79º outside!  I could only eat about 4 shrimp so the 2 cocktails I had kicked in quickly!  Then we went to get his haircut while I got a mani-pedi next door!  We shopped at Target and TJ Maxx uninterrupted.  (I'm looking for a pottery barn-esque terrarium and other decor related stuff for my house).  We made dinner when we felt like it, lit candles, and watched movies.  AND the house stayed clean!

Somehow it seemed easier to stay on track with my eating b/c I wasn't on a schedule to feed my kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We ate when we felt like it and the times I felt like eating were definitely not the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner times.  I need to pay a little more attention to that b/c it meant I was listening to my body and not eating on a schedule! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did.

I'm looking into purchasing a boot camp - its working for Gen and she's inspiring me!  This is the one I'm looking at "Adventure bootcamp for women"  What do you think?


  1. Congrats on getting the job offer-- it is great to have validation that we are actually awesome. Still, how crazy is that dude to expect you to give up a year's salary? If you're the right person for the job, then he needs to wait for you.

  2. congrats on the offer! sorry the timing isn't better. Sounds like a nice couple of days :)

  3. That guy is crazy-----what's he thinking?????


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