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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My friend is getting new boobs Friday

My 6' friend is getting boobs this Friday.  Did you all know you can get boobs on a Friday and be back at work on a Monday?  I had no idea!  Getting new boobs has also gotten much cheaper!  An average boob job is 6K (if you get silicone) and 1K less than that if you get saline.  I don't understand that but its still interesting!

 My good friend is 6' tall, 145 lbs (skinny), brunette with green eyes and a small B cup right now.  Imagine the sight of the two of us walking down the street together - I'm 5'4 (8 inches shorter!), much more round, D cup, blond and brown eyes.  We couldn't be more different from each other.  We're like that cartoon with the 2 dogs - Spike, the big dog and the annoying little dog.  You know what I'm talking about , right?   Spike?  Am I dating myself?

Well, she's 43, she's always wanted boobs and her ex husband always made her cover herself and her tiny boobies up.  Now that she is finally getting divorced from his sorry ass, she's decided she's getting the boobs she's always wanted!  She's getting D's and I've suddenly had the revelation that - with a boob job - her boobs are never going to sag like mine!  They put the implant behind the muscle - so all the weight of her new boobs are going to be supported by her chest muscle.  All the weight of my boobs are only supported by skin!  How can her boobs ever really droop?  They won't!  Curses!  That in itself is worth getting a boob job!  I'm jealous and ecstatic for her all the same time.  

I did ok eating today.  I had a coffee for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch with water, and a grilled cheese with broccoli for dinner.  I have got to get back into salads and such so that I can reduce my calorie intake overall to 1100 per day.  I'm doing well with the water intake.  I'm ready to lose these 6 lbs and get into the 190's!  C'mon what's my issue with getting myself to exercise?  Nothing is stopping me.  My gym bag is packed.  I have no excuses.  I'm just not making myself do what I know I need to do.  I need to GET IT TOGETHER! 


  1. I am pulling for you..
    I have to tell you.. I am intrigued by your story about your friends boob job.. Whydid I think it was more complicated than that.. I must live under the boob rock.. keep us posted.

  2. We are both at have 6 lbs. to go until we see ONEderland and I know we can do it! :) As for boobs, I SO NEED THEM! Seriously, since I've lost weight - by boobs have sadly lost too. BOO to no BOOBS! :)~

  3. You can do it!! :)

    I have a friend with 'boobs' :) they take maintenance too so it is not all just throw down your 6k and go on your merry way. There is massaging to prevent scar tissue and then they can slip over time so that one is lopsided.

    so basically...that is how I get through feeling jealous that my friend has perkier boobs than i do :) Of course if someone came along wtih 6 k and gifted it to me..i would be in liftin my saggy pair right on up!


  4. You are not alone in the land of the saggy bosom, my friend.

    Ok, I hate that I can't figure out a good way to respond to people who comment on my blog-- you've left a couple of questions/conversation starters lately and I want to talk!

  5. I want boobs! I have small ones like your friend. I had never really thought about getting any, but now that you mention it... :)

  6. We can so rock those last 6 pounds and I'd love to be your ONEderland buddy! I looked for your email! Mine is girlbanded@gmail.com OR add me on FB facebook.com/bryantgirl. :) I'm excited!


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